4 Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter! [2021 List]

You will be surprised to read that about 90% of male enhancement pills are made under false companies.

These are the counterfeit products that are associated with wasting billions of dollars from millions of people worldwide.

Some fake and scam sex pills being portrayed in the market as a decent remedy are worthless.

Some of them try to lurk you from their free trial offers, the low-quality ingredients which in reality has no Pharmacovigilance data available.

Most of them allure users with their false claims and telling them how they can perform sex like a porn star and enthralling words that make users almost restless.

So which male enhancement pills work?

Amongst the hundreds of products trying to win the fight, only a few percentages of male enhancement products do work.

The reason they clinically recognized ingredients with also money-back guarantee which may distinguish them from other counterfeits.

Not that every male enhancement pills are becoming fake, some of them are highly endorsed by the users as well as by the experts who have been acknowledging the facts about the best male enhancement pills on the 2021 market.

Here they are:

The 4 Best Sex Pills For Men On The Market TODAY…

Let’s waste no time and quickly highlight the best male enhancement pills and natural sex pills for desperate men in 2021.

  1. Viasil
  2. Vigrx Plus
  3. Male Extra
  4. Max Performer

1) Viasil

Viasil is a top-listed that is full naturally integrated male enhancement pills, developed in 2018 the formula designers of Viasil claims that it works faster than Viagra.

It is different from the rest of the male enhancement supplement, how?

Unlike other sex drugs, Viasil is for the users who want a one-time investment and fast-acting formula that could fix multiple sex hazards.

The ingredients which make Viasil such potent male enhancement pills are Zinc, Citrus Sinensis and Epimedium Sagittatum.

Together, these ingredients in Viasil do the two-way mechanism which is:

  • To elevate the blood supply
  • To boost Nitric Oxide

Rule out the side effects of the Viagra and makes it all-natural, you get Viasil formula that is fast-acting as well as sufficient enough to rock her feet.

Under a very well-maintained website and moderate customer care department, the maker of Viasil also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that you can read all about in the compete Viasil Review.

2) Vigrx Plus

VigRX Plus is out 2nd best alternative to Viagra and false male enhancement supplements.

Under the reputable name “Leading Edge Health” the supplement claims to support the harder erection a man gets and with a plethora of stamina and overflowing libido.

Whilst visiting the official site of VigRX Plus, we saw some very impressive clinical facts about how it can provide an outstanding result to your sexual health.

The secret behind the 61% improvement in erection frequency is the ingredients which include Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Epimedium like present in Viasil.

In the customer review section about VigRX Plus, most results can be delivered upon buying a 1 year supply on which users cave up to 50% of their savings.

For men who don’t care about a supplement’s premium cost, but the premium results, VigRX Plus is the best bet.

You can get global shipping for free with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

3) Male Extra

Male Extra is the infamous male enhancement supplement that has the first time successfully merges the essential amino acids with the active ingredients working together.

The company of Male Extra is named Vobue Limited which is located in the country called Cyprus.

The company holds a 10 year’s reparation in delivering men’s health-related supplements.

Like the best MEP, Male Extra claims to increase libido, support the long-lasting erection and elevate total body performance (physical and mental).

With the top-rated ingredient L-Arginine with Pomegranate extract and Zinc, Male Extra supports the blood flow enhancement in the penile section and thereby boosting everything a man has to offer during sex.

A single capsule is full of brain-boosting ingredients which may help men with a deficit of confidence when a woman comes closer.

Whatever you order at the official site of Male Extra, you’ll get it along with free shipping, a 60-days money-back guarantee and live chat customer support.

4) Max Performer

Our last but very potent choice is the Max Performer from Silver Blade Nutrition LTD.

Max Performer is designed to deliver the following results; increased libido, intense stamina with bigger and harder erections.

The formula of Max Performer contains Cordyceps, Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed and other ingredients like Red Ginseng, which makes it a great deal for enjoying sexual pleasure.

In every male enhancement supplement, the accuracy of the right amount of ingredients tends to increase the blood supply which is the key for ultra-sexual performance.

This is the best male enhancement supplement for men in 2021 who wants a safe pill without the side effects.

With staggering sexual benefits, the company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee on Max Performer purchase.

Also, complete and free worldwide shipping with collaborative customer support.

Male Enhancement Pills FAQ


Q1: Can you buy the top 4 male enhancement pills in local stores?

A: The following supplements for boosting men’s sexual health are not to be found in the local stores neither any other source online.

For purchasing, Viasil, Male Extra, VigRX Plus, and Max Performer, everyone must visit their official website first.

Similarly, they cannot be found in stores like Amazon or eBay.

Q2: Why these supplements are considered OTC?

A: Over the counter supplements as we mentioned above do not need a doctor’s prescription since the prescription is always applied to the medications which are allopathic (chemically synthesized).

In the case of our top 4 male enhancement supplements, one does not require a prescription so they can be considered as OTC supplements.

Q3: Do these male enhancement pills ships to anywhere?

A: Our top male enhancement supplements are nearly delivering packages to the users located in most countries of the world.

Individuals from countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Dubai or New Zealand are currently being served by the fast shipment given by these companies.

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