Max Performer Review – Best Male Enhancement Pills for Prolong Sex!

Ever wonder why men with extra sexual power get this power from?

The latest male enhancement pills in 2021 haven’t been like those in previous years.

This is the end of the year and we have got some incredible MEP on the list.

Max Performer is the first of its kind which makes up to the top of the list due to some very evident reasons.

Let’s see what makes this sex pills more efficient than the blue pills as people are talking about.

What is Max Performer?

Max Performer is to be simply put, is a powerful aphrodisiac and performance enhancer that comes in the form of a male enhancement pill online.

The formula of Max Performer is specifically chosen for the individuals who seek extra manpower during their bedroom sessions.

The manufacturer claims to support the stamina, confidence, and power in men that they can use under the sheets.

The entire formula of Max Performer contains a bunch of ingredients which are mostly antioxidants, aphrodisiacs, and Testosterone Boosters.

One that is backed by scientific facts claimed by several neurologists and dieticians.

About the company that makes Max Performer, Silver Blade Nutrition Limited, based in London, UK is a giant company that has provided a wide array of supplements related to men’s health.

Max Performer Benefits

There are many benefits which the formula of Max Performer holds, from raising the blood supply to support the sexual enhancement Max Performer can be reliable for the following list of benefits.

  • Complete Testosterone support
  • Mental Focus
  • Cellular Health
  • Cellular Protection and Recover
  • Size Enhancement

There isn’t a male enhancement supplement yet which offers this many benefits.


  • It’s healthy and natural
  • Rapidly increases T-Level
  • Provide pharmaceutical alternative ingredients i.e Horny Goat Weed
  • 100% clinically effective, no side effects
  • Helps in alleviate the stress and increase sperm cells count


  • The complete mechanism of action of the eastern medicine ingredients is still blurry to some researchers
  • Not every ingredient in Max Performer is scientifically backed

How It Works?

One of the mechanisms of Max Performer is to ease or boost the blood supply around the body.

This takes place particularly in the genitals of the male, which support an active and healthy erection.

The non-stop supply of blood is an essential component for erection which in absence can lead to erection dysfunction.

Max Performer also claims to affect the girth of the whole genitalia of a male by making the process of cell splitting possible.

This process runs by the perpetual amount of blood supply which may lead to thickening the walls of the penis.

There are few mind enhancers available in Max Performer which provides a shield against stress and lack of focus.

In the list of ingredients, you may find Ginseng and Maca Root which tends to elevate the sexual pleasure. You and your woman are not going to overcome the sensation of strong desire under those sheets.

As a man, our body does not secrete a higher level of testosterone, which can benefit our sex in so many ways.

Testosterone is a primary hormone in men, which amplify the power in males to mate with women along with a plethora of vigor and sexual heat.

Results You Can Expect

Needless to say, it’s a natural libido booster that females can smell from across the room.

Max Performer use can result in testosterone enhancement at a cellular level, which alleviates the stress, avoid muscle fatigue and increase concentration at a rigid scale.

Finally, the antioxidants pose a significant advantage by providing our cells anti-aging ability.

This can help in cellular regeneration and immune system maintenance, which our body needs from time to time.

In this modern life, we already take so much of stress to which our normal diet is not enough to give us enough amount of energy, Max Performer antioxidant ingredients help to evacuate the toxins and speed up the cellular recovery, which overall is good for keeping a healthy body.

Max Performer Ingredients with Dosages

You will find each ingredient in Max Performer is selected cautiously under the right amount of dosage.

Their doses might be lower than the normal ones but as you can see, the simultaneous effect of the ingredient combination is able to provide the desired results.

Let us see and find which every Max Performer ingredient does.

1) Horny Goats Weed / Dosage: 1000mg

Ever heard about ED Pills made by the pharmaceutical firms? Well, they tend to suppress the level of an enzyme called PDE5 upon which the blood supply to the penis artery is highly elevated.

The active ingredient in Horny Goats Weed meets the same requirement as those chemicals, but in this case it’s Icariin which is completely natural and completely reduces the rate of PDE5 enzyme.

This fact has been researched and undertaken at the University of Milan, Italy.

Along with this fact, some other facts were also gathered about the ingredient, like it improves nerve stimulation, which supports the testosterone enhancement in males for better and perfect arousals.

2) Maca Root Extract / Dosage: 1000mg

Maca has been known for centuries as a potent aphrodisiac and libido booster for males and females.

Some clinical sites were observed in which the overall contents in Maca were elucidated, like the root of the plant contain the active phytochemicals known as Macenes and Macamides, which are responsible for uprising energy.

You may have seen bodybuilders using Maca supplement to assist with their powerful performances in the show.

3) Red Korean Ginseng / Dosage: 1000mg

For centuries, Korean Ginseng was regarded as libido and energy booster, this fact was proven right in 19 centuries by a group of scientists.

There are many beneficial active components in red Korean ginseng that includes phytochemicals, adaptogens, and ginsenosides.

Together, they have an impact on the central nervous system and thereby reduce the effects of anxiety, stress, and lack of focus.

We all know better sex requires a confident and unshaken mind which obviously performs well in the bedroom.

This will get you in the right mood for climbing the height of intimidation.

4) Cordyceps / Dosage: 1000mg

Cordyceps is widely known for improving blood circulation, which in Chinese tradition can be used to dilate the blood vessels.

For sexual encounters, Cordyceps totally looks after the department of erection sustenance by providing continuous blood supply.

This blood supply also increases the rate of oxygen uptake by the cells, which tends to make them increased in size, so do all the penile tissues.

The great oxygen concentration in every cell is good for higher energy levels.

5) Bioperine / Dosage: 15 mg

This is the common ingredient for male enhancement supplement, Bioperine is obtained from the black pepper extract which gives the Max Performer high ingredients absorption power.

Bioperine is known to increase the solubility of other nutrients in the body and make them available in the current scenario.

Despite the low dosages of some ingredients, Bioperine makes sure that every ingredient is absorbed well until the last trace.

This will raise the metabolism and deliver a wholesome amount of energy to your sex.

6) Selenium / Dosage: 120mcg

Selenium is the antioxidant which provides support to the certain aspects, we all get so much heated up during sexual intercourse and this can elevate the risk of cardiac disease.

It provides thermoregulation which keeps the body core temperature lower just to avoid the heavy loads. Plus, Selenium is also useful for reducing the risks of prostate cancer in males.

Furthermore, it provides assistance to the eradication of free radicals to avoid oxidative stress, which has shown to affect sexual performance.

Other ingredients include Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Niacin, Pyridoxine HCL, Riboflavin and Cyanocobalamin, their dosages are mentioned below.

  • Zinc 24 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid 40 mg
  • Pyridoxine HCl 10 mg
  • Iron 14 mg
  • Niacin 32 mg
  • Riboflavin 10 mg
  • Cyanocobalamin 10 mg

Money-Back Guarantee and Shipping

After ordering Max Performer from the official’s site, every user will get a 90-days money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the results.

Unlike other supplements for sexual leverage online, Max Performer’s return back policy can be done by returning the empty bottles under 10 more additional days.

According to the return policy standards, items which are lost in the post will not be subjected to refund. Also, the return shipping cost will not be returned.

The shipping charges of Max Performer is none, they offer free delivery worldwide.

You will get a fast delivery package with discreet packaging and tagged with Silver Blade Nutrition LTD.

You can get in touch with the company to ensure product safety and to find more about tracking your courier parcel.

How Much It Cost?

Max Performer Pricing is easy to buy for normal men who want to experience a new phase of sexual encounters.

They can get 1 month supply which holds 60 capsules at £39, there is a catch if you buy this male enhancement supplement in bulk.

The cost will reduce to £78 for 3 months and £138 for 6 months supply.

You will be charged with no additional cost as these are the fixed price.

Max Performer Review Summary

Max Performer commands and controls a wide range of functions in the body which helps men to satisfy their lust of performing powerful sex.

This is not only the matter under your sheets, in addition, but Max Performer also lets you experience the hardcore erection, super-high testosterone levels and enhanced libido with great manpower through which you can simply win her heart and something you are buying it for!

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