Male Extra Review 2021 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects)

The old concept of ‘size matters’ is now replaced with ‘performance matters’ and men couldn’t be any happier!

As after all we have no control on our size but on our performance.

Male Extra is all about performance!

It is a trusted male enhancement that has proven its worth as a very powerful tool men resort to fix all the troubles they face behind closed doors.

Primarily, Male Extra is designed to harden up the penile when a man is sexually aroused. It additionally increases timings of erection while making sure you experience pleasure, satisfaction and orgasm of your life.

The supplement introduces some useful natural extracts and herbs and that are scientifically regarded for their male enhancement powers.

These aphrodisiacs raise the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa, the penile regions where blood is accumulated at the time of erection.

When these regions are abounded with blood, erections become solid and extended.


We naturally expect a lot from a product coming from a reputed company like Wolfson Berg Limited.  

Even though, the company stepped into the nutritional supplement market not long ago; yet, it became a prominent name quite earlier.

The UK-based Wolfson Berg Limited is involved in clean business based on delivering supplements that are not just high in value, but are also promising in results.

Male Extra is one such product by the company and hence, we expect the best of the best from it.

However, it is proven to:

  • Boost your ability to get and keep an erection.
  • Make you extremely harder down there.
  • Improved longevity.
  • Give you an absolute control on premature ejaculation.
  • More power and pleasure in orgasms.
  • Heighten up stamina and endurance.
  • Add to your inner confidence.


In natural circumstances, when a man feel sexually stimulated, a higher level of blood begins to rush to his genitals and load in the tissues present in his member. When a situation like this occurs, his penile becomes hard and ready to intercourse.

However, due to many reasons, this supply to the genitals is affected, the results of which are failing to obtain a rock-hard erection and sustaining it for long.

This is when Male Extra comes for the rescue. It aims to balance and increase this poor distribution of blood through supporting cell oxygenation and preparing the tissues by creating extra room for the blood during arousals.

Naturally, when a higher concentration of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients are welcomed, the member becomes rock hard for pleasure-filled penetrations.

The experts of Male Extra further claims that this boosted supply is also beneficial for the expansion in size as it provokes the imitation of cells for the better carrying of blood.

If this is true, and as supported by some of its users, men can check all the factors that please women in bed like an impressive length, hardness, all-night staying power and orgasms that can make them scream!


Male Extra is based on some very powerful ingredients that either falls under the category of herbs or under extracts but are all natural.

Few of these and their serving in Male Extra are:

L- arginine HCL600 MGAmino AcidNarrow blood vessels are a poor source of blood distribution to the organs that lead to their poor functioning and ultimately, their health.

L-arginine broadens blood vessels through its ability to change into nitric oxide. In a situation like this, the genitals are well- nourished and well prepared to gain rigid and lasting erections.
Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid500 MGFruit ExtractLoaded with antioxidants, Pomegranate serves to be the mainstay of Male Extra. No matter how much you know about natural male enhancements, if you are unaware of the power of Pomegranate for the male’s sexual health and functioning- you know nothing. And thankfully, its powers are not just assumed, but proven as well.

Basically, it has antioxidants that are known for their nature to keep nitric oxide safe from the harm caused by free radicals. Nitric oxide, in turn, does the best for you by vasodilating the blood vessels that would have been supplying inadequate blood earlier. Through vasodilating, that is, expanding the blood vessels, more room is created for more blood to pass. Healthy supply indicates that you can then enjoy erections that are firmer, prolonged and more satisfying for both partners.

Apart from that, the fruit is also found to help with low testosterone, a very powerful male hormone that has a greater influence on sexual performance. Stability in the level of testosterone is equal to higher stamina, good sex drive, better erection, energy, sperm volume and what not!
MSM (Methyl sulfonyl Methane)100 MG   MineralWhile sharing a somewhat similar nature with the former, that is, encouraging better circulation of blood, MSM also work for the safety and health of your cells.

No doubt, this is one serious job as none can afford the damage and breaking of cells, that can not only help with the erections through replication, but presumably, with the size as well. Hence, the mineral bears great significance in Male Extra.
L- Methionine100 MGAmino AcidAnother amino acid onboard, the agent could prevent the formation of histamine, the excess of which results in premature ejaculation.

L-Methionine limits the concentration of this hormone that ultimately gives you a better power on erections. When you have the power, you can decide when to stop the lovemaking session and not your body.
Zinc (As Citrate)14 MG MineralGood erections and high sex drive have a direct connection with healthy level of testosterone in the body.

Zinc is a key mineral that plays a greater role in balancing this very crucial hormone so that your body comes in a position to deal with the sexual and general problems lead by its shortage.
Cordyceps 25 MG Ascomycete fungiThe proven aphrodisiac is added to focus on your reproductive function as well as libido.
Niacin18 MG Chemical compound A great aid for the sufferers of erectile dysfunction, Niacin can expand your blood vessels and lead a greater volume of blood to pass through. This is how one, especially men with premature ejaculation and soft erections can benefit. The effects of Niacin are further found to lift stamina, energy while putting fatigue at a distance.


We are pretty much sure that Male Extra works, at least, its ingredients are strongly convincing to us. Apart from the T-boosters and agents supporting blood vessel vasodilation, it has taken the support from Pomegranate that is all alone, a great male enhancer.

Pomegranate, in conjunction with other ingredients create a very compelling fusion to address problems like Erectile Dysfunction, poor sexual stamina, low libido and size concerns.

Yes, as we have stated earlier, there are some users that have expressed their agreement over the company’s size enlargement claims.

If this is true, men with smaller penis size would be able to increase 0.8-2.6’ after a regular 3-6 months of Male Extra use.


By far, Male Extra has received a very positive response from the market that is quite rare to see with male enhancements.

People have gained from it and have approved it as a product worth leading.

In the current time, Male Extra enjoys a spot in the top three male enhancements men trust and resort to the most.

Some quick reviews we are listing for you are:

“I take it as a cure for my ED, finally, don’t have to suffer more.”– Zec

“Hey hunks, don’t shy away from these sex pills, I am a proud man keeping my girl happy under the sheets”- Alex.

“If ever I get to recommend sex pills, ill give no second thought to Male Extra,”- David.


3 pills a day, keeps all your disappointments away!

Yes, that’s how it is.

Though, there are certain practices you must also incorporate to make it a more result-bearing combination for example:

  • Exercising.
  • Eating green and healthy.
  •  Drinking lots and lots of water.
  • Taking a decent sleep.
  • Distancing from stress-causing factors.

Pros associated with Male Extra are:

  1. It is made by a trusted, UK-based company having warehouses in United States of America and United Kingdom for a more efficient dealing with varied and worldwide customers. 
  2. Promising and satisfactory results.
  3. Purchasing can be done via PayPal or credit card.
  4. No risk in purchase through its 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  5. No risk of side effects through its all natural, clinically supported ingredients.
  6. A powerful, over-the-counter treatment for a reasonable price.

Cons associated with Male Extra are:

  1. Results should not be expected in days. Its natural mechanism takes 2-4 weeks times before showing results.
  2. No Express Shipping that would have further reduced the delivery timings.

The answer is simple.

For bigger savings, go for bigger deals, that is, deals covering a good amount of supply.

For example, if you choose the 1 month supply, you will not make any saving as compared to when you choose the 4 months supply that is also added with a FREE gift.

The best is to go for the 6 months supply that will not only give you a major DISCOUNT in the overall price but will also be supplied with two FREE erection gels for a more, geared up performance in the coming nights ahead!


To enjoy discounts, 60 Days Money Back guarantee and real benefits produced by the authentic Male Extra formula, make a straight route to the Male Extra official website and nowhere else!

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