Zotrim Weight Loss Pills and Zotrim Plus Fibre Drink Mix Review

As much as weight loss is about struggles and efforts taken from your side, it is equally about smart choices you make for yourself.

Let’s take weight loss products as an example. Considering the extensive amount of supplements tossed to every single person willing to invest, choosing one becomes more like a task.

Now if you are totally new to this market and reviewing the options being offered to you, there is a clear chance that you will end up on something that is no support to you and your weight loss goals.  

This is because the weight loss market functions and profits like that.

Every single supplement literally draws a rosy picture to you where in most of the cases, the truth is far from reality.

But if you are looking for some genuine suggestion here, we would like to talk in favor of Zotrim that is a completely revolutionary supplement that has been thoroughly tested by time.

What is Zotrim and how supportive can it be for the targets you have set for this summer, let us discuss through a detailed review on it.

What is Zotrim and Zotrim Plus?

Unlike the failed strategy associated with the general weight loss products, Zotrim steps ahead with a radical technique that makes the weight loss process easier and rewarding.

Buy Zotrim Pills and Fibre Mix Drink

Basically, it does not claim to be some magic recipe that can shake off the extra pounds all by itself but promises to limit your calories so that you are able to follow your diet plan without any challenge. 

Now this is where its beauty lies.

Zotrim speaks clear about its simple approach and does not attract customers through unrealistic mechanisms and false hopes that merely result in disappointments.

Well, we do not doubt how Zotrim has completed two straight decades in the market standing stronger than ever and with a customer base that is evidently strengthening more and more with time. 


As we have stated earlier, the weight loss supplement comes in two exciting types:

  1. Capsules
  2. Drinks by the name Zotrim Plus Drink Mix

Users have the freedom to decide which one will be an ideal pick for them but essentially, the nature possessed by each is more or less, the same.

Now there is a slight to no difference in the ingredients of capsules and pills and so, the effects produced by them are comparable. Yet, the manufacturers maintain and it has also been observed that the latter is comparably stronger and useful in weight loss than the Zotrim pills are.

Besides, both the forms of supplement:

  • Reduce calories that are generally taken by the users
  • Control the appetite and
  • Kick the metabolism to run faster at the same time. 

Who Manufactures Zotrim Formula?

Zotrim is a natural course that helps you step forward towards a leaner you.

It is a weight loss supplement that has been ‘shaping’ people for a period of twenty years that is completely contrary to those shady supplements that are introduced every day and are mysteriously pulled out.

The product is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, a Cyprus based company that came into existence in 1999.

The company launched its first product by the name Zotrim in 2000 that comprised of capsules aimed to support, simplify and speed up the weight loss process while later introduced a drink by the same name virtually serving the same aim.

Benefits of Zotrim Weight Loss Aid

Zotrim largely focuses on your appetite and the changes that need to be done to control it.

When the supplement goes along with good habits like regular workouts and healthy foods, it manages to tone your body even faster.

benefits of Zotrim weight loss pills

Now some frequently reported benefits of Zotrim capsules and drink are:

  • A drop in hunger pangs/ cravings and appetite:

If your weight does not respond due the excessive eating habit and unhealthy cravings you deal with every now and then, we bet Zotrim to be ideal for you. It creates a setting wherein the food stays in the stomach for longer so that the constant hunger and urge to consume unnecessary calories can be smartly controlled for the most time.

  • 5% drop in the overall weight by reaching 6 weeks:

Now that’s what the reports say- Zotrim budges the scale by 5% as you progress to 6 weeks or so.  While this indicates the powers possessed by the supplement, it also indicates how successful your overall journey can turn.

  • An improved digestive health:

Zotrim has a reputation of being a powerful appetite suppressant but little do we know that the agent is also useful in improving the digestive health. Interesting, people who have used it have noticed a drastic improvement in their digestion and relieve in constipation that was an added problem along with weight gain for them.

  • A great reduction in calories through burning:

Zotrim accelerates the metabolism causing a speedy reduction in excess calories taken through meals. Besides its appetite suppressing quality, this approach works for smart trimming and keeping the weight off in the future.

  • An impressive surge in energy:

The drop in bodily energy is something very common during weight loss but with Zotrim, things happen differently. Zotrim changes the form of calories into energy so that calories can be better utilized while the body gets the power it needs for exercises and other physical activities. 

Ingredients in Zotrim Pills and Zotrim Plus Drink

The three powerhouses of this natural weight loss supplement are:

Zotrim ingredients
1) Guarana seed extract

Guarana is a plant that is indigenous to Brazil and Amazon basin. Essentially, the fruit of Guarana contains a seed that is a rich source of caffeine, antioxidant and tannins that make it a crucial part of several diet products including the ones aimed for your digestive health. [1]

To be more specific with the agent that supports weight loss, caffeine is a great tool for speeding metabolic activities you need for addressing your excess calories. It encourages thermogenesis for fat burning and decreases appetite for you to limit your calories.

Additionally, the agent increases mental alertness and loads your body with energy. But Guarana is not the only supplier of caffeine in Zotrim, the producers have further included caffeine in balanced proportion so that maximum degree of weight loss effects can be produced through it.

2) Yerba mate leaf extract

Then there is this powerful plant which stimulates thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a great mechanism through which the body is able to adjust itself in a healthy body frame by the improved efficiency of calories burned by your body. [2]

As per investigations, the calorie burning powers of this specific plant is equivalent to the powers possessed by green tea and thus, it is as helpful in weight loss as let alone, green tea is. 

In addition to that, the plant can generate choleretic effect that is highly essential for smooth bowel movements or say, the overall digestion. Besides, it increases bile flow that can be very useful for your gastrointestinal tract.

3) Damiana leaf extract

Then there is damiana leaf extract, which also possesses a wide range of weight loss benefits including health benefits for those who consume. [3]

Now investigations say that damiana works wonders when the extract of this wild shrub is taken in conjunction with yerba mate and guarana. Essentially, the mix of three has been found to be a great combination for obese and overweight as this reduces the pace of gastric emptying by up to 58%.

Through this, one can simply overcome the weight gain problem in no less than 45 days, even if he or she chooses not to do the necessary tunings in diet.

In addition to the aforementioned mainstays, the capsules and drink also get their powers from some essential vitamins with the latter having inulin as a bonus.

4) Vitamins

The two powerful vitamins that further make these formulas useful are vitamin B3 and B6.

B3 that is also referred as Niacin gives energy needed to torch the excessive fats whereas B6 that is also known as pyridoxine supports fat burning through lipid metabolism.

Both these vitamins along with the three essential components make weight loss more and more effortless and more and more rewarding for you.

5) Inulin

Inulin is an active ingredient in Zotrim drink but is not a part of Zotrim capsules. The soluble fiber is as good for your digestive health as it is effective for the reduction in weight.

Basically, it gets digested and serves as an agent on which the imperative gut bacteria, probiotics feed. In the other case when the soluble fiber is not available, probiotics declines and pathogens thrive that leads to several health problems.

Coming onto its weight loss effects, inulin limits hunger and helps you keep your hands away from calories for long. This approach works for all, including obese individual as well.

The supplement works inside out and focuses on changes that are good for your shape as well as your health.

By promoting a good digestive health, it does what most of the weight loss supplements fail to do that is stepping towards healthy weight loss that lasts and not reverses as months pass.

Zotrim Possible Side Effects

Zotrim is an organic supplement that introduces plant extracts and nothing artificial or anything derived from animals. While this makes it 100% safe for everyone, it also makes it suitable for vegans.

side effects of Zotrim

However, bear in mind that Zotrim contains caffeine and that may or may not suit people sensitive to it.

Plus, this very agent can cause mental alertness and insomnia if it is taken right before bed.

Other than that, it will not cause anything adverse or complicated enough to seek medical aid.

To ensure safety:

  • Avoid the pill form if you are below 18 though you can go for its drink quite safely after having a word with your doctor
  • Take doctors approval if you have any serious medical problem
  • Consult the possibility of interaction if you are taking any prescribed medicine
  • Completely avoid if you are planning a baby, carrying one or breastfeeding your infant

When I can Expect the Results?

We all are designed completely different from each other and thereby, we can never come up with a general assumption pertaining to a drug, the rate at which it will respond and the level at which it will benefit everyone.

However, it has been observed that the effects of this natural weight loss supplement start to emerge in as little as 3 days.

For some, it may take a week or longer to prove that it is in fact, working.

That is, few may observe that they are no longer craving for calories in a matter of three days whereas some may take a week to get a better hold on their hunger. Interestingly, both the courses are completely natural and a good sign to weight loss.


Even though, Zotrim is an ideal tool to do the necessary adjustments in your physique, yet, if you desire some added benefits:

  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Go to gym and exercise
  • Avoid calorific drinks like soda
  • Take plenty sleep
  • Practice healthy habits for long term management
  • Avoid alcohol, if not, limit the consumption to moderate use

Zotrim Dosage

Zotrim needs to be consumed ahead of your meals and we believe that you must not exceed this gap from some minutes to be precise.

How to take zotrim pills and mix drink

That is, take the pills when you are up for your breakfast, lunch and dinner some minutes earlier so that the formula can work in your best interest and help you limit your portion size.

As far as the dosage is concerned, you are advised to take 2 pills or 3 pills before every meal.

In case you take 2 pills before every meal, the one month supply will last for 30 days as it is aimed for 6 pills a day.

If not and you decide to take 3 pills making 9 every day, you will have to order an additional supply as this will not be sufficient for you.

Other things you need to keep in mind are:

  • Take the pills with ample amount of water or any liquid you would like to take in place
  • Do not go over the dosage limit set 9 pills a day

Conclusion – Final Thoughts about Zotrim

Zotrim is an excellent weight loss tool that has a long history in the market pointing towards its authenticity and usefulness. It gives you the additional support needed to trim down and lead a good healthy life.

Overall, the response is great and people feel too positive about the weight loss brand. According to them, it greatly helps to reduce the portion size and improve digestive health that is more like a stepping stone to a balanced weight.

The manufacturers behind Zotrim do not assert anything unconventional that can happen through it, but rather, presents an approach that is practical for anyone struggling through this phase.

So yes, Zotrim works and does the necessary adjustments that are evident within months and months after that. Thus, have faith and follow the efforts like good diet and exercises needed from your part.

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