Tetrogen Reviews – The New Day and Night Diet Pills for Weight Loss!

How often do we see weight loss supplements professing to be some sort of magic where you are asked to do nothing but sit and watch how you hit your target weight JUST by taking a pill!

I mean, is that even rational to any extent?

It’s nearly impossible for any diet pills to mold your body, provided that you replace your unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle to a calculated eating and active routine.

But in spite of this fact based on common sense, we just couldn’t help but fall prey to the rosy picture painted by these supplements.

Now once and for all- let’s focus on a pill that works day and night while giving you the needed guidance to change your diet in accordance.

Will that be any better than the ones we have around?

Of course yes!

So here we are with a realistic approach towards weight loss and a healthy living by the name Tetrogen- you must learn everything about.


Tetrogen is a weight loss supplement that not just focuses on weight management, but a quality lifestyle.

Buy Tetrogen Diet pills

It is a recipe that comes with a unique concept that allows you to make some smart changes in your diet, essential for healthy shedding.

Interestingly, the weight loss supplement works round the clock through the two sets of pills specially aimed for daytime and nighttime use.

Each of these sets has different powers that contribute to efficient reduction in weight all together.

Tetrogen is a completely natural solution that introduces organic ingredients in both of its formulas.

It is for this reason and its unique dietary concept; people lay their faith on and resort to it as a healthy system that switches them to better living without any harm.


Essentially, Tetrogen plans weight management as much as it plans weight loss. With that said, it is quite understood that the product emphasizes on lasting effects than the results that stay for a brief period of time.

In an attempt to make that happen, that is, control your weight in the future as well, the supplement undoes Leptin Resistance via a rule called 80/20.

Now before we learn more about this 80/20 rule stressing on the changes you need to make in your diet, it is essential for us to know what Leptin Resistance is!

Leptin falls under the category of a hormone that is produced in the small intestine. The role of this naturally-occurring hormone is to manage the balance of energy through keeping the unnecessary cravings at bay. When this happens, that is, your hunger is controlled; the fat piled up in adipocytes begins to reduce. [2]

In many of us, the stability of this metabolic hormone gets imbalance which turns out to be the major cause why we constantly fail to get in shape, despite struggling so hard.

Tetrogen brings up the line of attack needed to overcome this cause, that is, the strategy to stabilize the concentration of Leptin, limit the unneeded urge for food, cut down the portion size and more importantly, pace metabolic activities for the hike in energy that generally falls during this phase.

What’s more interesting to learn is that the time Tetrogen takes to tone your body is 2-6 weeks after which you can simply follow the 80/20 Rule so that the body stays in that active position to damage fat without the need of spending hours in workouts or pulling yourself away from food.


Tetrogen diet pills results

As we have repeated time and again, Tetrogen is not just about a healthy weight but a healthy living on a whole.

It addresses weight gain problem through an approach no diet pill does at this point in time.

Some proven benefits you are likely to experience with the use of Tetrogen are:

  • Reduce Fats:

The ingredients in Tetrogen facilitate the release of stored fats in adipocytes so that the fat levels of the body can be smartly reduced.

  • Limit Emotional Eating:

This happens to be the foremost causes of weight gain that calls for immediate action and believe it or not- Tetrogen knows how to fight cravings!

  • Balance Hormone:

Tetrogen is best proven for keeping the healthy levels of Leptin, the metabolic hormone that can either make your weight loss efforts successful or can turn them into a failure.

  • Speed up metabolism:

Through this very efficient mechanism, Tetrogen switches your fat burning mode on that stays active and running round the clock- non-stop!

  • Regulate blood sugar:

Healthy levels of blood sugar signify a good amount of energy. By reducing the body fat levels, Tetrogen manages to balance the blood sugar.

  • Add to muscle mass:

Now you may naturally fear the loss of muscles while you are up for the loss in fat. However, not only Tetrogen protects the muscles but also contributes to the growth and building up of lean mass.


80/20 weight loss rule

We have already mentioned how important the balancing of Leptin is for weight management however, Tetrogen has familiarized 80/20 rule that heavily supports this stabilization process and enables efficient fat burning you constantly need in the future as well. [3]

As per the rule:

  1. 80% of your focus should be on healthy foods
  2. 20% on foods you like to eat

By this, one thing is clear that the supplement does not stand on fake promises demanding zero efforts from your side, but the promise to keep the scale at a fixed point while you assure to do some simple changes from your part.

So, the mechanism and results of Tetrogen are quite realistic unlike other supplements claiming to have some supernatural powers!

Furthermore, 80/20 Rule also allows you to enjoy your favorite foods while keeping a larger focus on healthy foods- indicating no compromise on your taste buds at all!


Scales do not budge overnight, but is the result of constant efforts, care and hard work you need to do throughout. However with Tetrogen, this procedure is simplified to a greater extent where the supplement features two recipes to work in conjunction and multiply your fat loss potentials by 4 times!

Tetrogen day and night weight loss pills

Now to better understand each; let us have a closer look to its daytime and nighttime procedures:

1) Tetrogen Day

Tetrogen Day is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that work to

  • Keep your appetite under control
  • Balance hormone so that the desired fat burning effects can be produced
  • Speed up metabolic activities throughout the day
2) Tetrogen Night

Tetrogen Night too, is an amalgamation of natural ingredients ensuring:

  • Fat cells are released from adipocyte while your body is at rest
  • Hormones are balanced so that the body is able to get rid of the excess fats
  • Your metabolism is paced throughout the night


The dietary supplement is scientifically manufactured to give you the support you need for your weight loss journey.

In order to simplify this entire process, the producers have divided it in two different phases that help you understand how Tetrogen work and deliver what you are seeking:


With the progression of age, our body loses its power to maintain hormones and metabolic hormones are no exception.

Stage 1: Metabolic Hormone Recalibration

Once their balance is disturbed, you get to gain weight and experience more cravings than you have before. [4]

Even when you try every possible method to fit in your old clothes, it turns out your metabolic activities have turned sluggish, causing your weight to become more and more unresponsive with time.

Then steps Tetrogen- a formula that has been produced through 4 clinically proven agents that reinstate the stability of hormones, we have in our younger years. Once the root cause is addressed, you begin to notice:

  1. A noticeable reduction in portion sizes that are now sufficient to generate ‘satiety’
  2. A hike in energy that makes you feel physically active throughout the day


The second part is about sustaining the effects that have been generated in the first stage or let’s put it this way, about sticking to a balanced weight.

By reaching this stage, the metabolic hormones of the body are already sustained and you can feel:

  1. Decreased hunger and no cravings
  2. Better performance of metabolism
  3. More energy in your body
  4. No further adding in fat levels


On a whole, the overall testing and investigation on the effects of Tetrogen have come extremely convincing.

Tetrogen weight loss pills results

Let’s take a clinical study for example that was conducted to determine the results generated through the supplement by the time you make your way to 80/20 Rule.

The 70 days double-blinded placebo controlled investigation revealed that the group on the dietary pills

  • Shed 24.8lbs on an average
  • Lost 20% body fat on an average
  • Reduced 8.6” waist circumference on an average

Not only this, Tetrogen is one of the best rated weight loss supplements that have been positively taken and accepted by users.

Not only they find it the safer roadway to a healthy body, but have claimed it to be the most effective for the last few pounds that seem to respond to nothing.


Here is the list of Pros and Cons you need know about Tetrogen:

  • A healthy, smartly designed and simple approach for round the clock weight loss
  • One of the most reasonable weight loss method you can follow
  • It is extremely effective for the needed pace in metabolism. Besides, the results are quick
  • It contains pure, organic ingredients, the quality of which speaks for itself
  • It generates no harmful effects and is the most safest formula you can try to fix your stubborn pounds
  • People favor Tetrogen and swear to its weight loss powers
  • It has an unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee claimable within 90 Days.
  • It does not shape you overnight and is also practical for those who follow the course with patience
  • To some, the weight loss supplement may be a bit pricey


Natural ingredients in Tetrogen day and night pills

The patented active agents that work to bring down and maintain weight are:


This ingredient is derived from African Mango and incorporated for its ability to bring and keep your body in shape. Precisely, it inhibits the development of fatty acid and controls enzyme responsible for stopping the growth of fat occurs through blood sugar. [5]

  • CQR-300- CISSUS:

Then steps another exclusive ingredient derived from a plant called Cissus Quadrangularis. Essentially, it happens to be one of the plants that have been thoroughly studied and found to possess medicinal powers. With that said, we can expect a great deal of health benefits including the increase in lean muscle, serotonin and the improvement in body’s efficiency to torch fat that have been saved ‘for the bad times’!

  • DYG – 400 – DYGLOMERA:

It is another powerful patented ingredient that works wonders for the problem you are stressfully dealing with. Extracted from a unique spice, dyglomera prevents the accumulation of fat by supporting your body to use sugar in a more organized way for energy. Besides, it boosts the performance of leptin so that your appetite can be controlled.


Then there is Lipofuel that is a kind of chili powder no weight loss supplement currently possesses. The role of Lipofuel in Tetrogen is to decrease the size of fat cells while limiting the concentration of fat in your bloodstream. Similar to all the active ingredients in Tetrogen, the effects of Lipofuel do not end here. It further plays a role in switching the additional calories into heat so that your body is prevented from keeping the additional ones as fats.


This is perhaps the only weight loss agent that needs no introduction. Green tea has EGCG and caffeine that goes a long way in supporting a better control on weight. All together, these two agents release fat for the utilization as energy, tackle unneeded calories through burning and keep your heart and blood vessels healthy.


Melatonin is an antioxidant, a special agent that deals with those hunger pangs that are hard to avoid. It basically promotes peaceful sleep, the lack of which can disturb the stability of Leptin and thus result in frequent cravings and sluggish metabolism. When the balance of this special hormone is in check, you come in a position where you can easily avoid your cravings and move more and more towards your target weight. As a matter of fact, this approach works for sticking to a healthy weight in the long run as well. [6]

Where to Buy Tetrogen Diet pills Online?

It’s always the official website where you can find the actual product with all current discount deals, coupons and promo codes, but if you can find it online you should definitely get the genuine Tetrogen pills at Amazon, Walmart, GNC or CVS stores online!


Q-1 How much supply do I need for optimum results?

A-1 It is advised to consider 3 month supply so that:

  1. You do not have to worry about falling short of the dosage right when your body has started to respond
  2. If your weight loss goals are based on shedding 10lbs or above, you will need to continue the cycle for more than a month
  3. It is a natural formula that can be safely used for hormonal balance and sustaining the weight loss results while you do not compromise on any of the food your taste buds demand

Q-2 Will I get any more benefits when I buy Tetrogen?

A-2 Of course, there are useful tips, advises, articles and blogs that are accessible through the company’s social media sites. These pieces of writings are simply on point for the information and knowledge you need to possess about your journey, eating habits and 80/20 Rule. Besides, there is a community called the 80/20 group that allows you to interact with other followers and discuss their experiences, lessons and mistakes you can avoid. Click Here for Official website

Q-3 Can I use it with any prescribed drug?

A-3 Even though, the safety of Tetrogen is certain and unquestionable on all grounds, yet, it is advised to take precautionary measures in an instance like this. Simply consult some medical expert or doctor to determine if the interaction can cause you any possible harm.

Q-4 Does it loses fat or water weight?

A-4 Like the diet pills based on harmful stimulants like ephedrine, Tetrogen does not focus on reducing water weight at first. It is free from stimulants and stresses on stabilizing the metabolic hormones for a better control on hunger. With that, the only thing you begin to lose is your fat and not the water from your muscles.

Q-5 When does Tetrogen kicks in?

A-5 It takes approximately 2-3 weeks before you can notice a change. For some, this time frame can be more, considering the body’s response, age and other similar factors.

Q-6 Will it work for everyone in need to get in shape?

A-6 The mechanism of Tetrogen is workable for anyone who is about to lose hope against the weight that acts stubborn to other methods. As we have previously discussed, it rebalances the hormones on which your hunger, the pace of metabolic activities and fat release are largely dependent. So yes, you can trust it as something that will equally work for you as much as it has worked for thousands of people across the world.

Q-7 What if I am not happy with the results?

A-7 There is a 100% money refund guarantee for all those who have lost their faith on Tetrogen. Interestingly, the money can be claimed within 90 Days of purchase which happens to be a period that gives Tetrogen an edge over other diet pills. In case you feel the need to claim a refund, you are advised to get in touch with the team through info@tetrogen.com

Q-8 What are the side effects of Tetrogen?

A-8 Tetrogen contains no stimulant and each of its ingredients is added in controlled quantity. With that, Tetrogen becomes completely safe for short or extended use for people belonging to any age.

Q-9 What are the contraindications of Tetrogen?

A-9 While there is no danger coupled with Tetrogen, pregnant, breastfeeding and people younger than 18 years should consider its use after getting an approval from a doctor.

Q-10 How can I save more on my Tetrogen purchase?

A-10 You may wish to save more on your Tetrogen purchase and luckily, you can actually save more as you head to its order. But that requires a purchase in bulk.

For example, if you order:

  • 30 Day Supply you will grab the Day and Night bottles for $ 84.99 that will save you $30
  • 60 Day Supply you will grab the Day and Night bottles for $ 139 that will save you $90
  • 90 Day Supply you will grab the Day and Night bottles for $ 169 that will save you $140
  • 5 Month Supply you will grab the Day and Night bottles for $ 299 that will save you $320

So the more supply you order, the bigger the saving digits get!

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