Semen Enhancers – 2 Best Semen Volume Pills You Can Buy in 2021

As a couple, having a passionate, intimate and wonderful sex life is equally important for a man and a woman. It is in the very nature of human beings that we keep on trying new stuff to elevate the satisfaction level, for us and the one we are having this lovely time with

You can indeed find multiple better ways to boost the sexual charisma in your life. Getting a newer sex toy, trying different sexual positions, using delayed gels and creams can be pretty interestingly effective to improve the overall sexual performance. 

But what if we told you the very basic secret for sexual satisfaction lies in men. We call it Semen Volume which determines how long a man would perform in bed and how far the joy of orgasm he’s going to experience, the same thing applies to women who mainly depend on male semen volume to quench their thirst. 

Low Semen Volume

The condition is adjoined itself with so many men from different regions who think their sexual satisfaction lacks in some points. Insufficient semen volume has to take a toll on a male population around the world who cannot perform well and lost the sense of having an “Orgasm”. 

Some men believe if they get bigger loads they have higher chances of having a better sexual encounter which is not wrong at all. We are in this together as we mention the best 2 volume pills men can get to resolve this issue of low semen volume. 

Top 2 Semen Volume Pills

The best semen volume pills in 2021 have inspired millions of men around the world that they can now enjoy sexual encounters like they used to back in teenage days. 

1) Volume Pills

For the best semen enhancer, it must have no artificial ingredients and must be quite natural in composition. Volume Pills ranked number 1st in this list as it is natural ALL THE WAY AROUND! 

Volume pills Review

There are many types of scientifically-backed ingredients you’ll find in Volume Pills which are known for producing a heap of sperm in males.

These are:

  • Gooseberry Extract
  • Melon Extract
  • Zinc
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Solidin
  • Ku Gua
  • Tia Men Dong

The latest formula of Volume Pills claims to work by offering a large production of semen in males, plus it looks after overall sexual health. 

Volume Pills benefits are males having larger semen volume, this increased semen count which enhances the orgasm intensity as a result of better penis sensitivity. You can also expect restoration of your sex drive and some serious improvements in sexual endurance and stamina

Volume Pills is all about energy in bed which helps you last longer on so many levels with her. Marked elation of testosterone levels is also noticed with Volume Pills which supercharges the overall sexual performance. 

The best results of Volume Pills achieved when you consume the supplement for 3-6 months. This would get the best semen enhancing effects, all this comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. 

2) Semenax

Semenax is the popular semen enhancer and volume increasing supplement by Leading Edge Health. You may this supplement since 2003 when it was launched and created hype amongst males with insufficient semen volume. 

Semenax Pills Review

The advanced formula of Semenax cum pills contains the following ingredients. 

  • Swedish Pollen Flower
  • L-Carnitine
  • Zinc
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Muira Puama
  • Avena Sativa

Semenax is a reliable semen enhancer that can be used for increased semen volume and making orgasm much stronger and long-lasting. With the help of Semenax long term use, you can produce healthier sperm and prolong orgasm timing by 4 times

This will revive the sexual interest in both of you, the occurrence of premature ejaculation is subsided with overall improvements in hormonal balance

Semenax results pop up within a few weeks but you can experience the marked and much-pronounced effects in 2-3 months. There are no side effects involved and that’s the reason men have been using for many years to keep bigger loads in the bed. 

Semenax also offers it’s all users 60 days money-back guarantee. 

You can combine these 2 best semen volume pills for maximum effects. Considering, Volume Pills with Semenax will provide an elevated effect to keep up the bigger loads. 

Know about Normal Semen Volume

For using any particular semen enhancer you have to be sure you have low semen volume. 

Under the guidelines of the World Health Organization approved after a study in 2010, it was found out that Semen volume between 0.8-7.6 milliliters is normal. Making it more clear, a normal man semen ejection will fill about one or two teaspoons. 

Before perceiving yourself as the one with low semen volume, you should give it a check. 

Above average, men produce about a tablespoon full of semen when sexually active. The value for Tablespoon per mal has been given wrong at many online pages, however the real way to determine these volumes are simple by just typing in google. 

1 tablespoon is as much 14.77 milliliter and that’s how it is. Larger the semen volume defines the massive sexual intensity which women love by the way. 

Men between the ages 28-35 produce maximum semen volume and that’s the peak level they can get to. A drastic decrease at the age of 55 commonly occurs in which some men are not inclined to having sex so easily. 

Reasons Why Men Want to Enhance Semen Volume

As we already have seen a lot this in porn that guy with the huge money shot usually gets to enjoy the sex pretty intensely.

Having said this, there are other major reasons which have dragged the majority of men wanting to increase their semen volume. 

  • Some of us believe that enhanced semen volume is linked to better fertility, well that’s not entirely true. The volume of the semen does not determine how fertile you are as a normal semen sample contains only 5-10% of sperm cells which goes inside and fertilizes the ovum. Some lack of sperm quality is linked to failure infertility to which doctors around the world prescribe semen analysis and then pharmaceutical ways to work it out. Semen volume pills, on the other hand, increases the volume but they also improve the quality of semen by 50%. 
  • Increasing semen volume according to some myths is connected with sexual pleasure. This is, however, is denied by science as there is no connection between these two, some men believe the larger cum load they have the more time they’ll spend in Orgasm which is not right. See you will not achieve a long-lasting orgasm just because your cock needs more time to ejaculate the remaining load! 
  • Semen volume is associated with masculinity, that’s what most men believe. Its again about contradicting the fact that when it comes to masculinity, it is simply determined by the state of mind you have about other things and also the personality you possess. When it comes to women, o’ they think it does have something to do with masculinity. Semen volume pills give you the chance to maintain this illusion though! This is not wrong in so many ways…

How to Increase Semen Volume without Medications

There are certain tips to increase semen volume by only using natural remedies. You will also notice improvements in your health, naturally induced.

1) Don’t Ejaculate Too Frequently

When you think about semen volume, it’s like a reservoir of seminal fluid stored in a certain location. When you drop off too much of loads frequently the amount of semen starts to reduce with each day passed. The simple solution is to give your body recovery time before every sexual session. Once you caught up yourself doing sex a lot, your body naturally ejaculates very little amount of semen. That’s why it is advised to have sex after 3 days if you wanna have bigger loads. [1]

2) Weight Loss

It is stated by many scientific studies that obese men get victimized to low sperm count more than anyone. Obesity is linked with decreased semen volume and according to the doctors, about 33% of obese men suffer from low semen and sperm volume worldwide. This is because higher BMI affects the sperm cell motility, purity and overall semen volume which affect men’s life in general. Upon weight loss, men can notice the amount of semen gets bigger and with every weight down the quality of the semen will also be improved until you lose weight to the ideal extent. 

3) Drink A lot of Water

Water is the most important solvent there is, our body needs water more than anything and its lack can bring some negative influence on our body. Decreased semen volume is one of them which is caused by inadequate hydration, the lack of water can deprive many vital organs to function normally. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is linked to improved semen volume and quality. If you are regularly ejaculating, you must drink plenty of water. 

4) Smoking is a Danger for Semen Volume

Smoking causes lung cancer and this is not just the case, in men smoking can also cause prostate cancer which is the main organ for semen formation. Once the prostate is comprised, there is nothing sexual a man can do, not even turns gay and have anal sex. This is where smoking can get injurious to health. Some semen volume pills are not even effective on chain smokers and that’s a fact. [2]

5) Penis Stretching Exercise

Talking about penis exercises, kegel exercise is highly beneficial for both men and women in terms of improving sexual health. Kegel exercise also helps men train their penis muscles and prostate gland to control the erection and it makes more semen volume than ever. Kegel exercise is the key to achieving the finest grade ejaculation. 

6) Dietary Intake for Semen Volume

You are what you eat, and what you pass shall be in a pure state. We are talking about semen overall health concerns which can either be alarmed of benefited by your dietary intake. Always involves zinc, amino acids and selenium in your diet for better semen volume, they also support semen health. 

Other main elements are L-arginine, Carnitine, and lycopene which can be found in meat and poultry related items. 

Zinc is very important for semen volume and motility for which lots of seafood intake is recommended. You can also find a high concentration of zinc in eggs, nuts, seed, meat, and legumes. Selenium can also be obtained in a sufficient amount from nuts whereas peppers, watermelon, and red tomatoes are a good source of lycopene. 

Are Semen Volume Pills Effective

The answer to these questions is not straight of course but you can get a certain picture.

The best Semen Volume Pills works by supplying your body with important vitamins and minerals which are stored there for a long period. When their level matches the ideal semen volume increasing situation, that’s where they provide the peak results. 

Also, there is a lot of dietary and physical changes required for these semen volume pills to work. Since weight loss and proper food intake is prerequisite for enhanced semen volume and if you want to make the best out of it, you have to stay hydrated all the time. 

Under many cases, Volume Semen Pills benefits men in so many ways which let us provide you the 2 best of them. 

Final Verdict

Our top picked Semen Volume Pills in 2021 are:

  1. Volume Pills
  2. Semenax

The World Health Organization recommends men to stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking for naturally increase semen volume. Many negative factors affect semen health, as far as those men concerns who want to give a try to something called “Sexual Intimacy”, using the semen volume pills can get them stronger and harder erection with much bigger loads. 

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