Promescent Delay Spray Review – A Quick Fix for Premature Ejaculation!


Premature ejaculation is a problem that leaves you and her feeling sexually frustrated as you are unable to hold your horses for long and she is unable to ride for long. 

Promescent is an emerging desensitizing delay spray that introduces an incredible approach for remedying premature ejaculation very smartly.

While it is ideally suitable for a problem this worst, the delay spray is highly suggested for men keen to increase their average timings to a point when she begins to shake!


What if you flip her over, pull her hair and start riding her just to realize that the game is about to finish – what heights of frustrations will you touch then?

What heights of frustrations will she touch?

Isn’t this the last thing you would ever want on earth- to give her an impression like this?

Well to your relief, having ejaculation problems is virtually natural and is way more prevalent than we can assume.

But in spite of being harmless and commonly occurring, there is always a room for remedial actions and that can ideally be the use of Promescent Desensitizing delay spray – an exceptionally effective and fast acting formula that generally takes 8-10 minutes to add to your timings and toss out premature ejaculation.  

Now to produce instant results for keeping the spontaneity of lovemaking intact, it is important for a delay spray to have fast absorbing agents.

Unless the ingredients do not go down into the skin to perform their action, we cannot expect the results any time sooner and with Lidocaine as its mainstay, Promescent manages to sink deep inside the subcutaneous layers of skin and begin to work right away. 


In a market full of substandard products coming from unknown and questionable companies, Promescent is a product by Absorption Pharmaceuticals that checks all the quality standards including an approval from FDA.

Because of the position at which it currently stands, the delay spray is widely sought and suggested by the general practitioners serving in USA. 

Now considering all about the positivity and popularity it surrounds, it is natural to wonder how and why Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray is so powerful in holding up erections.

That is, how does this delay spray work in order to change the bad into good in a matter of minutes?

Well, the answer to this question lies in Lidocaine, the basis on which Promescent supports weak erections to this extent.

Lidocaine, a tried and tested gentle anesthetic speedily penetrates the skin and relaxes the sensitive nerves for limiting sexual stimulation.

As these sensitive nerves are relaxed and sensitivity is systematically controlled, you are able to hold up your ejaculations and hit orgasms at your own sweet time.

Now it is often assumed that delay sprays are some sticky ointments that cause irritation to the skin, however the case with Promescent is totally different.

The pace at which the liquid absorbs and dries is literally surprising and you also have the freedom to wash your genitalia after it kicks in. So evidently, there is nothing to worry about.

Based on the dose and several other factors like sensitivity, you can tune the longevity of effects by up to 60 minutes max.


Evaluating the quality and usefulness of Promescent becomes easier once we get the complete details of ingredients part of it.

Not only that, delving into this specific bit of detail allows us determine how safely we can cross this path.

So starting with its ingredients, we have:

LIDOCAINEThe core agent that limits the sensitivity of genitalia is lidocaine. If you search about lidocaine and its effects on human body, you will learn that it is an extremely mild anesthetic that temporarily freezes tissues encompassing the application area. While extreme doses of lidocaine may trigger complications for you, it has been added in balanced concentration to derive the desired numbness effects in Promescent. [1]
CETEARETH-20It gives thickness to the spray whereas increasing solubility of all the agents present in the blend.
CITRIC ACIDThen there is the organic acid that is prevents the occurrence of coagulation.
DIMETHICONEA great moisturizing agent, the silicon-based organic polymer supports smooth application of the solution. Interestingly, it is one of the key ingredients that make Promescent suitable for all skin types including sensitive and very sensitive skins.
HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENEThe man-made oil keeps dryness at bay. It is an emollient that is added to enhance the quality of Promescent delay spray.
GLYCERINEAnother ingredient sharing the powers boasted by Hydrogenated polyisobutene. It is also an emollient that prevents dryness and possible irritation to the skin. [2]
CETEARYL ALCOHOLWhile the agent soothes your skin, another role it plays is thickening the solution for easy application on the targeted areas.
SEED OIL FROM MACADAMIA TERNIFOLIAA great source of fatty acids, the agent moisturizes skin testifying how the delay spray works for men having all skin types.
C10-30 ALKYL ACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMEREssentially, it tends to be a copolymer incorporated for the viscosity of formula.
FARNESOLAn alcohol in nature, farnesol ensures that the liquid smells good. [3]

It can be noticed that the ingredients contributing in the effectiveness of Promescent are totally natural and skin-friendly.

Neither does any of these generate harsh effects nor affects your genitalia in any reasonable way. Hence, it can be said that Promescent is more than attending to Premature Ejaculation.


The amount of delay products currently available in the market is literally surprising. While you step in to get your hands on a promising thing for yourself, you end up being puzzled and confused with the variety of formulas bombarded at you.

Yet in spite of the everyday growing crowd, Promescent stands high and above. Now there are several reasons why we believe the delay spray is different in terms of the qualities being offered.

For example:

  1. It is high in quality and no other product is as convincing as Promescent is
  2. It is an FDA approved delay spray in a market where majority of delay products are not even closer to the standard of FDA
  3. It is a special formula for premature ejaculation that corrects it within minutes
  4. It is highly absorbent which makes it the fastest in producing results
  5. It dries up almost immediately that is quite a pro for men who want to keep its usage to themselves
  6. Promescent has no danger, neither in the short nor in the long run
  7. Promescent does not bind you to a prescription at the time of purchase, you can easily order it whenever you feel the need
  8. The effects last for about an hour


Promescent can be specifically sought for the following purposes:

  1. Overcome Premature Ejaculation
  2. Increase the erection timing or say last longer in bed
  3. Get more erectile strength
  4. Experience leg-shaking orgasms

Yes, there is but with little care from your side, you can simply overcome the possibility of it.

Basically, Promescent falls under the category of anesthetics and with anesthetics, you always need to look for your dosages as an increase in it can lead to temporary numbness, causing you to miss all the fun.

So play smart and apply it in suggested quantity.


The smartly designed bottle of Promescent comprises of a liquid formula that you can try on your forearm first.

Once you’ve tested its safety on your forearm, spray it once on the head of the penile. Now you can either let it dry on its own or use circular movements for the ingredients to reach deep down to the desired region.

Keep a record of 10 minutes before washing your penis without any fear of affecting its performance.

At this point, you are completely ready to head to your girl and begin the action.

However, keep in mind that duration of application is 3-10 minutes and your first application will reveal the amount of time your penis take to react.

According to that, you can tune your timings and the quantity you need to keep for the desired effects.


In general, Promescent has very positive reviews and men, especially those with Premature Ejaculation have expressed their likeness towards the delay spray.

According to them, they feel their penile turning slightly numb to sensitivity which actually helps them increase their timings and perform longer than before.

However, the best part was the average time that was recorded as 10-20 straight minutes.

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There is no danger in using Promescent as long you follow the rules that revolve around using it in moderate quantity.

In fact, there is no danger for your partner as well even if she decides to blow you, provided that you have properly washed and wiped off your member.

Besides, lets us clear you that it has glycerin that may or may not suit men prone to medical problems like thrush and urinary tract infections.  Hence, stay watchful.

Other than that, also take the following as warnings:

  • The product should not be ingested and should be kept away from the reach of children
  • Men with licocaine allergy must restrain its use
  • If you have any injuries, rash, or cuts on the targeted area, either skip the use or skip that specific area during application
  • In case your girl is expecting and you fear her safety, seek an approval from a doctor


In most of the cases, yes and you will probably seek no other fix than this. However, the effectiveness is not promised to 100% individuals.

Exceptions can happen and that’s because some problems need systematic medical attention for correction. 


The urologist designed product produces effects that give you coverage for at least 30-60 minutes based on your application.

Feel free to use it anytime, even when you are empty or have consumed food. There is no such limitation.


Simply visit the official website of Promescent;

  • Excellent customer service
  • Variations in deals for discounts
  • Reliability of the patented Promescent recipe
  • Discreet delivery worldwide


Have a quick look to its pros and cons:


  • Clinically tested and FDA approved for consumers
  • Completely safe
  • The effects does not fade after regular use neither do your genitalia becomes immune to it
  • It is extremely absorbent and dries off almost instantly
  • No prescription and fast results
  • Smart solution for Premature Ejaculation
  • Easy to carry for using anywhere


  • Not a permanent cure but a temporary remedial
  • Excessive application can cause brief but complete numbness
  • A bit costly


Overall, Promescent is a deal promising you what most fail to deliver. It is quality that comes along with the assurance you need for some impressive bed timings.

While excess spraying can lead to absolute numbness for a short span of time, it is essential that the application is measured and kept calculated to avoid any such nuisance.

Besides, there is no doubts about side effects or any complication you may likely encounter in the future.

So you can simply trust it for Premature Ejaculation and orgasms strong enough to make you shiver.

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