Penomet Review – The King of All Top Penis Pump Online! [2021]

We all desire admiration from our partners, and if it’s about sex, who wouldn’t want to be wanted?

Men seek constant approval and the satisfaction to be enough and that makes them do all that’s growing the male enhancement market bigger and stronger!


Using penis enlargement pumps is a general practice nowadays.

These tools are targeted for small-average penile size that may have failed to enlarge through the common manual exercises or methods followed for the growth of penile.

Penomet is a popular item in the category of penis enlargement pumps.

It is a device that claims to stretch the size and width of the male member by utilizing the science of vacuum pumping and water pumping through the very same tool.

The mainstay of Penomet is the diversity of gaiters users get to make the most from.

These gaiters are the part of the product that holds the ability to apply a varied level of pressure when the penis is placed inside the cylinder.

However, how convincing is this penis enlargement method and how well it can serve as the alternate for costly penis enlargement surgery, let us find out through this detail review on Penomet.


Penomet is an approach devised as a modern penis enlargement method for males that are not satisfied with the size of their penis.

It is a long cylinder that accompanies with a set of different gaiters indicating toward its pumping mechanism for the increase in the length and circumference of the male member.

The overall design of the pump is impressive and so is its handy nature that requires little to no human effort for the result you seek.

Fundamentally, the tool is water assisted that is technically regarded as an effective way to create the level of force and volume needed for the elongation purpose.

Each gaiter builds a special extent of pressure on the suction that supports the expansion of muscles surrounding the specific area.

This expansion of muscles is done in a very systematic way that not only leads to size gains but in the ability to gain and maintain firmer erections too.


Penomet can help you in many ways that are good enough to lay your trust in a penis pump like this.

For example:

1) Adds inches to your penis size

Penomet is mostly advised to men having the common size-related concerns.

It is in fact, the most valuable advice you can get and work on for your penile length.

The tool intends to elongate the muscles of the phallus through the use of pressure, which is one methodical way of increasing its size.

As the gaiters and their degree of pressure changes from time to time, the efficiency of expansion also tends to improve.

Interestingly, this is a proven science supported by many, the evidence of which is the results produced by the regular use of Penomet.

2) Enhances sexual performance:

Penomet is largely favored for its versatile effects that focus on the overall performance during intimacy, as much as the pump focuses on the increase in length. 

Certainly, it’s not always the size that counts, but performance as well and Penomet is equally about the both.

It strengthens the manhood during the strengthening process so that the penetrations feel more satisfying to you and your girl.

It is a very simple tool with no downtime, simply get it, start using it and you will notice the change that adds to a greater experience every single time.

3) Multiplies the width of penis

A penis having a long length sounds good, but the one having both the size and width sounds great!

Not to men, but to women at large.

In fact, surveys and studies prove that women are likely to enjoy more when his ‘assets’ are broad.

As we delve into this logic, we get to understand that thickness creates more clitoral stimulation that is directly related to increased pleasure.

 And so, Penomet ensures to get that job done!

As the suction stretches the penile muscles, the phallus is encouraged to enlarge and expand at the same time.

Thus, expect the best of the best from Penomet.

4) Treats premature ejaculation

One of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship is premature ejaculation, something that can literally weaken the strength of your relationship.

But premature ejaculation is avoidable. You can get a good grip on erections through the very same method you are practicing for the increase insize.

Yes, Penomet is found to be a great assistance for men having little to no hold on ejaculation or say, having the general symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Basically, the contraptions mode of operation revolves around pulling and exercising the penile muscles that can address a great deal of problems associated with your sexual functioning and performance at once.

When these muscles are straightened up in a very considered manner, they turn stronger and stronger to keep your erections for more than normal.  

In simple words, the ability to manage their contractions gives you the power to last to the time you wish the session to last.  


Penomet is based on a container-like tube that escorts with a single, three or five varied gaiters based on your package.

The transparent cylinder has a black color, tiny valve designed at its bottom that breaks the pressure or assists the removal of it in case of need.

1) Penomet standard

If you choose the most budget friendly package for $127, you will get the standard version 3.0 Penomet cylinder along with a single black, Force 70 Gaiter to begin the use.

2) Penomet Extra

If you have a moderate budget and would like to grab a better deal, you can get your hands on Penomet Extra for $197.

The package will include the standard version 3.0 Penomet cylinder along with three different gaiters based on:

Color Force
Blue 65
Black 70
White 75
3) Penomet Premium

If you wish to experience the best possible Penomet penis enlargement experience and you are fine with your budget stretching a bit, consider Penomet Premium which is a deal we generally recommend to the novice buyers.

The package contains the standard version 3.0 Penomet cylinder along with five gaiters based on:

Color Force
Purple 60
Blue 65
Black 70
White 75
Orange 80


In addition to the interesting benefits followed by Penomet, the hydro pump is a very comprehensible gadget for the routine use. 

Using it requires no special skills and with minimum efforts, you can get things started for you.

For optimal results, follow the

  1. Fill the cylinder using lukewarm water if you aim to apply the water science or skip the part if you prefer vacuum pumping.
  2. Select a gaiter from the options being provided.
  3. If you are new to Penomet, consider going for the least setting in the start.
  4. Fasten up the gaiter you have chosen to the device.
  5. Position the penis inside it and begin with pumping in a slow, but steady manner.
  6. Stop pumping at the point you notice a vacuum seal.
  7. Take a break before repeating the pumping step with the same resting pattern for at least 20 minutes.
  8. Push the valve towards the side when you feel the need to break the vacuum or discontinue use.

*Please note that you can switch to a more advanced gaiter when you become familiar with the practice with time.

More pressure leads to better results.


Unlike other male enlargement methods, the results of Penomet are almost immediate.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to prepare you for the most thrilling and unforgettable intimacy ahead.

However, these elongation effects along with the changes in erections will fade unless you use Penomet on a regular basis for months and make them lasting and permanent through patience and consistency.


Penomet is the synonym to quality, the use of which poses no danger for you or the phallus.

The premium pump promises safe suction through water that has nothing to do with risky friction, scrubbing or straining generally lead by other contraptions. 

So far, there is no such feedback that can question Penomet safety and dissuade other buyers.

If the tool is washed, cleaned and put at a safe place after every regular use, the possibility of encountering any sort of bacteria becomes near to nil.


The pros of Penomet penis pump are:

  1. It produces immediate results
  2. Requires less effort for usage
  3. Extremely comfortable and user-friendly
  4. Spectacular design
  5. Increases penis length and circumference for lifetime
  6. Enables solid erections
  7. Strengthens the manhood
  8. Leads to powerful orgasms
  9. Treats premature ejaculation
  10. Heightens sexual pleasure

The cons of Penomet penis pump are:

  1. Produce temporary effects if the use is irregular.
  2. A little expensive, especially those who wish to grab it with its varied gaiters.
  3. It only offers a standard cylinder size which indicates that Penomet caters men with a specific penis size and not all. 
  4. There is no such concept of spontaneous sex if you aim to use the pump or any other pump of the similar kind. In order to make that time memorable, you need to give yourself 15-20 minutes and that could kill the essence and joy of spontaneity!


Penomet is a quality pump that is serving men for long.

Through consistent use, Penomet can produce outcomes parallel to the results of penis enlargement surgeries that are not only expensive, but quite excruciating too.

With the variation in gaiters and making the most from water suction technology, men with unsatisfactory penis size can experience an extra ordinary sex life in a matter of minutes.  

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