3 Best Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea with Zero Sugar


Did you ever think that you will ever come across something that is extremely healthy, yet, as satisfying as alcohol is for your taste buds?

Well, if not, introduce yourself to Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea that is a remarkable mix of natural brewed tea and gluten-free alcohol that makes it a perfect beverage worth having.  

Now if you are a health conscious person and are someone who rigorously follows a completely balanced diet, you would never want to have sweetened beverages or alcohol to be more precise.

However, despite being serious about a healthy lifestyle, it’s natural for you to crave drinks that can satisfy your inner thirst for sugary drinks. 

Interestingly, this amazing spiked tea is something you would not mind having any time, any day or throughout the day for some very convincing reasons.

For example:

  • It does not have artificial sugar but natural sugar 
  • It is free from synthetic ingredients and have organic ingredients
  • It delivers mere 90 calories through every serving
  • It has 2 grams of net carbs/ can
  • 4.2% Alcohol by volume

Why It is a Perfect Party Drink

Now in addition to the delectable and real taste you come across through a canned alcohol drink this, there are several other reasons why this extremely affordable beverage is regarded as a perfect party drink. 


We bet you find something as great in taste as Loverboy is! No wonder, there is no competition of this beverage when it comes to taste and with its amazing three flavors, the standard becomes even higher. 


Firstly, it is free from sugar and fats and the sweetness it has is purely derived from natural sugar. It further has a slight taste of monk fruit that is simply added to enhance the tang. 

  • 90 CALORIES:

For weight conscious guests and people, Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea is an ideal serve as it only supplies 90 calories in a single serving. With that, it becomes one of the healthy, yet appetizing drinks for a gathering that needs a constant supply of drinks.


There is no synthetic ingredient or chemical in the drink. The recipe of the beverage has been kept organic so that no harm is caused to anyone including the ones who take it more often than others.


Another promising quality of the spiked tea is its gluten-free composition that makes it drinkable for everyone as well as those who are sensitive to gluten. 


As we have mentioned earlier, it is an amalgamation of natural brewed tea and alcohol, which is further supplemented with juices and botanicals.

3 Heavenly Flavors of Loverboy Sparkling Tea

The amazing recipe of Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea is not restricted to a single flavor but is available in three mouth-watering flavors made to suit different taste buds.

These three flavors are:

1) HIBISCUS POM – Kissed with lime

This is one of the hottest flavors you dare to ignore. Its specialty is the natural hibiscus that has been fermented like tea.

In order to make it savory, the masterminds have fused pomegranate juice with a pinch of lime as the essence of Hibiscus Pom.

Of course, balancing the entire mix with the perfect degree of sweetness is monk juice so that all your body receives is natural energy and not that is detrimental for your health. 

Best Use:

Hibiscus Pom can be considered after extreme workouts or when your body needs an instant energy boost after a tiring day at work.

In order to make it more enjoyable, add Vodka or Tequila. 


Now this is a timeless drink, the flavor of which includes a modern touch for you to have it anytime, anywhere.

The specialty of White Tea Peach, as the name suggests is the natural brewed and steeped white tea that goes hand in hand with the thirst-quenching peach juice, the blend of which is complemented by a touch of lavender.

Similar to the other flavors, White Tea Peach also gets its sweetness from monk, whereas its fulfilling nature can be credited to the presence of lemon.

Best Use:

Now this is a total party drink that can also be considered for picnics and other get together.

Besides, you can also carry it to your gym or simply have it after yoga as a soothing aid. To multiply the fun, add Vodka or Gin. 


Black Tea Lemon is an extraordinary drink; you can never have enough of. It is a combination of natural brewed black tea and reviving lemon juice that is balanced by a mild taste of ginger.

Then again, monk fruit steps in to turn it sweet, tasty and drinkable by you and with that, you do not need to worry about the calories that make your way through sugar. 

Best Use:

A refreshing energizer you can have the most in those sunny days, during games or after having meals. For extreme taste and pleasure, add dark liquors. 

Where to Buy Sparkling Hard Tea

These amazing drinks are easily available and shipped through the official website of Loverboy.

A single drink can be purchased or in bulk for parties and occasions. Feel free to visit now and learn more about the ingredients of this beverage. 



All the three flavors of Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea are also available on Amazon and GNC and can be ordered online.