Immune Defence Review – Best Immune System Support against Coronavirus

Immune Defence
Best Immune System Support against Coronavirus

How to Boost Your Immune System during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Immune system support is what people are now seeking as the majority of countries are in the chaos caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019.

The fact about COVID-19 is given below with some extra valuable information about the supplements for Coronavirus. 

About Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome that has affected multi-thousands people worldwide. The pandemic is growing fast and first identified in the Wuhan city of China.

The World Health Organization deemed Coronavirus Disease as a pandemic on 11 March 2021. 

The outbreak of Coronavirus as we see in many theories caused by eating wild animal flesh, but it was originally discovered in 1960 found in civet cats and camels.

The SARS-COV-2 is the stronger strain of Coronavirus which seeks a weakened immune system. As of today, the cases of Coronavirus are being reported in over 190 countries worldwide. 

Pharmacological Treatment for Coronavirus

Effective drug treatments are not yet available for Coronavirus; however, supplements to boost the immune system are in line to cover the symptomatic treatment domain.

The weakened immune system is considered the prime reason by which you can catch COVID-19 if it has spread around your territory. 

How to Boost Your Immune System during Coronavirus Outbreak?

Different health supplements for Coronavirus are on the line to provide their contribution to society.

In many cases, using anti-tussive or flu prevention medications are considered beneficial. These are not the supplements for Coronavirus but yes we can call them supplements to boost the immune system. 

To boost the immune system to fight covid 19, Immune Defence is the latest outbreak in line of Supplements for coronavirus. 

Immune Defence Review

Immune Defence is a Zinc Gluconate Lozenges food supplement which is a sort of daily probiotic protection for the mouth and throat.

best supplements to fight coronavirus

As you know the Coronavirus spreads though the oral route intake for which the medicines to cover flu and sore throat are considered healthy.

What is important to know about Immune Defence that it’s an immune booster that provides total immune support especially under COVID-19 symptoms. 

There are other ingredients available in Immune Defence which are cautiously picked under the influence of Coronavirus outbreak.

What inspires the immunologist behind immune defence are Rosehip and Acerola extract which have potential health benefits.

Immune Defence is a two-way food supplement that covers the aspects of treating normal flu and sore throat but also protects against the major symptoms of Coronavirus, like shortness of breath. 

Why Use Immune Defence?

Immune Defence products complied with authentic quality assurance with full legality involved.

It’s real-time immune system support that eliminates the risk of catching flu, which is considered a favorable situation for Coronavirus disease. 

Another reason for using immune defence is the easiness you will get for purchasing it. It is simple to buy immune defence online which we are coming towards after detailing their immune booster. 

Finally, Immune Booster may look unlike supplements for Coronavirus, what makes it special are the ingredients that we are describing in the later part. 

Immune Defence Ingredients

Boost your immune system to fight the corona virus

The reason for choosing the best immunity boosting ingredients is to make it the best immune system support. Immune Defence overall contains 3 major ingredients which include:

1) Zinc Gluconate (3.5mg per lozenge)

It is the most essential mineral for the human body, whereas in men Zinc forms 50-60% of testosterone which fights against many auto-immune diseases. Zinc provides support in maintaining the immune system fight response against pathogenic or viral activities.

The purpose of adding zinc in the Immune Defence is to provide the perfect zinc dosage which most people ignore daily. 

2) Clinical Findings on Zinc

Zinc plays an important role and Boosts the immune system to fight covid 19 symptoms. 

In one study, the effect of Zinc on immune cells was documented with manifestations of a moderate deficiency of zinc include growth retardation and male hypogonadism in adolescents, rough skin, poor appetite, mental lethargy, delayed wound healing, cell-mediated immune dysfunctions, and abnormal neurosensory changes.

Further studies about the role of Zinc for immune system boost can be viewed in the following studies.

3) Rosehip Powder

As we can see on the back of the label, Rosehip Powder is another part of the Immune Defence ingredients system.

The major health benefit of Rosehip powder is it supports the healthy immune system, the plant has shown the highest Vitamin C content which provides stimulation for the production of White Blood Cells.

Rosehip Powder is also active to enhance the function of Lymphocytes which might help you think about eradicating coronavirus symptoms. 

Other benefits of Rosehip Powder include:

  • Protection against heart disease
  • Protect against type-2 diabetes
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Easy to use
  • Used against Aging Skin

Acerola Powder is obtained from Acerola Cherry, a wild plant that provides a vital amount of antioxidants. The findings of Acerola Powder is that it supports the immune system and help get rid of flu, cough quickly.

You can use Acerole Powder as a food supplement to treat depression, improve endurance and athletic performance (solution for body ache symptom of Coronavirus), and support digestion. 

How Immune Defence Can Help Weakened Immune System?

How to strengthen your immunity to coronavirus

The pandemic spread of Coronavirus has awakened a sense of precaution in people. Considering this a major responsibility in your life to strengthen the immune system, Immune Defence provides excellent coverage to get rid of Coronavirus symptoms. 

However, those who consider Immune Defence as a treatment for Coronavirus are certainly misled. It’s simply immune system support in a form of Zinc Lozenges with extracts of Acerola and Rosehip.

In many findings of the ingredients of Immune Defence, the synergistic support can help reduce the flu, cough, and shortness of breath occurrence which are right now booked as the prime Coronavirus symptoms. 

What we find appealing about Coronavirus supplements like Immune Defence is its priority to cover the symptomatic treatment which the world needs until a valid vaccine or antiviral therapy. 

Is Immune Defence Available at Amazon or GNC?

Without any further ado, we would like to notify the users about Immune Defence online source which would be nothing but the official website.

For now or maybe later, there is no news about Immune Defence availability at Amazon or GNC.

The upcoming supplement to boost the immune system is about to be launched, after this it will be available on the official site of Immune Defence products. 

You can simply place your order for a bundle of Immune Defence by clicking here. 

How to Use It?

There are 120 Logenzes in every box of Immune Defence supplements.

The best way to use it by sucking one lozenge every 2 hours when needed. It is not recommended to take Immune Booster like Immune Defence more than 4 lozenges a day. 

The after-effects compared to other lozenges are more pleasing, refreshing and provide relief from inflammation and pain. 

Immune Defence Benefits
  • Clinically Proven Immune Support From Natural Ingredients
  • Reduce Duration and Symptoms of Cold
  • Anti-Viral Defence against Cold and Flu
  • Keep the Immune System Healthier with adequate dose of Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin C
  • Provide Immune System Care During Stress
  • Provide Symptomatic Relief from Coronavirus

 How Coronavirus Spreads?

Coronavirus syndrome spread during the contact via the infected person’s respiratory droplets, these are produced while coughing or sneezing.

How to strengthen your immunity to coronavirus

These are not the droplets produced during breathing and are certainly not airborne. Coronavirus can also be spread by touching the contaminated surface and touching the face afterward.

It is a contagious disease when the patient’s symptoms are found, however, the spread of this disease can also occur before even symptoms appear. It spread time between exposure and symptom onset is around five days but it can also stretch up to 14 days. 

Coronavirus Symptoms

The common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath and body pain. During the disease spread, there may be complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome or alarming pneumonia.

There is no treatment for Coronavirus yet, no known vaccine or anti-viral treatment is valid against the virus which is why patients of Coronavirus are being given the symptomatic treatment as a supportive therapy. 

Coronavirus Preventing Measures

Recommended preventive measures for controlling COVID-19 include washings hands with soap at least for 20 seconds.

Social distancing is also considered important in order to control the rate of disease spread. The affected person or those with minor symptoms are also encouraged to cover their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. 

The self-isolation protocols have been executed in March 2021 to control the pandemic and its spread. People who are inspected are taken to safe facilities and given supportive measures. 

Does Self-Isolation Effective Against Coronavirus?

Maintaining social distance is valid since it prohibits any physical contact which is the most dangerous way how you get Coronavirus.

Touching the contaminated surface can enable the virus to stay after which it finds ways to get inside the human body where it can multiply. 

How Coronavirus Diagnosis is Done?

Coronavirus diagnosis can be performed via 2 different methods. 

  • Viral Testing according to WHO is called effective to run diagnosis for COVID-19. The symptoms can tell a lot about the disease; however, it is finally analyzed after taking the sample of infected secretion to check Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction. The test is done on the blood samples or respiratory samples, results are generally available within a few hours or days. 
  • Imaging:Quality imaging techniques like radiographs and CT scans are helpful for patients with the absence of pleural effusions or fluids and those with asymmetric peripheral ground-glass opacities. According to the Italian Radiological Society, they are compiling the data based on internal online findings of Coronavirus case and how they could find symptoms using the imaging technique.  

Tips to Boost Immune System

How to boost the immune system is the largest Google search after Coronavirus in 2021, the pandemic disease of 2021 is mostly targeting individuals with a weakened immune system.

To prevent its occurrence, there are certain guidelines about how to strengthen the immune system in simply healthy ways. 

When you think about the non-pharmacological treatments for boosting the immune system, we have some:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Regular exercise
  • Moderate alcohol consumptions
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get proper sleep
  • Minimize stress

How to Boost Immune System with Diet?

If you feed your body certain types of foods like mentioned below, there is a very high chance you could keep your immune system strong against the majority of diseases.

Immune Defence Coronavirus supplements dosage can be mixed with this super-food for ultimate immune system support. 

You can plan your meals to include these 10 powerful immune system boosters which are:

  1. Citrus Fruits
  2. Garlic
  3. Broccoli
  4. Turmeric
  5. Almond
  6. Green Tea
  7. Papaya
  8. Shellfish
  9. Poultry
  10. Acai Berry

These are the top 10 foods that boost and improve your immune system and might be helpful to cover the symptoms of COVID-19. 

Where to Buy Immune Defence?

How to Boost Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Outbreak is the question that has aroused severity around the world.

Can Supplements Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

With precautions and extra care, you should be aware of the website you buy your things from. Similar way, the purchase of Immune Defence immune booster must be taken place at the official source only. 

Once again, it is not available at Amazon or GNC. 


COVID-19 is spreading its wings around the world and not so many people can do anything about it.

We would like to offer, in this out breaking scenario, a solution as a food supplement that supports a healthy immune system. Immune Defence is easy to use and effective supplement which in the search Supplements for Coronavirus stands at the top. 

With Zinc Gluconate, Acerol Powder and Rosehip Extract, you could eliminate the symptoms of severe cough, flu, and dyspnea (shortness of breath) or shall we say symptoms or Coronavirus. 

The pricing information of Immune Defence can also be viewed on the official website here.


Q1: What is a Coronavirus and a Novel Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of multiple viruses that cause illness in animals and humans in a form of the common cold. The disease also ranges to severe diseases like the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). 

Novel Coronavirus is the latest discovered strain of Coronavirus which has been identified in humans. 

Q2: What are the symptoms a person experience with Coronavirus?

In general, it depends on the virus strain. But the common symptoms are mostly respiratory including cough, fever, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Severe cases have other scenes of infections that can cause pneumonia with kidney failure or death. 

Q3: Is there a vaccine for Coronavirus?

Novel coronavirus has no vaccine developed until now. It will take approximately 12-18 months for a new vaccine which in this case only will be accelerated in terms of processing the drug design which takes over years. 

Q4: How Immune Defence active against Coronavirus? 

It’s not! Immune Defence is a Zinc lozenge that is available as a food supplement. This supplement for Coronavirus has nothing to do with the actual anti-viral therapy, however, Immune System provides symptomatic treatment to get rid of Coronavirus major symptoms. See the article. 

Q5: Who Immune Defence is suitable for?

Immune Defence zinc loneness is suitable for children over 12 who are fighting off cold or stressful situations where the immune system quickly drains of energy. The formula of Immune Defence contains heck of immune boosters. 

Q6: How does Immune Defence Work?

The soothing effect of these aniseed-flavored lozenges quickly dissolves on the tongue and provides quick relief from throat ache soreness. Vitamin C in immune defence tends to alleviate the cold and flu symptoms while taking body fever at the bay. 

Q7: How long does it take to work for Immune Defence?

Daily use of Immune Defence is recommended for ongoing immune support. Taken at the first signs of a cold, Immune Defence can reduce the duration and symptoms