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SizeGenetics Review 2019 – Facts Based on Researchc

Having the ability to live a healthy sexual life is a definite blessing- but a lot can be done to improve it by the ones who consider themselves unfortunate in this regard.  

Neither you, nor your partner can settle on poor quality sex that is supposedly, our bodily need.

If you are good in bed, lucky you, if not, you can literally alter your shame and displeasure into confidence and satisfaction.

SizeGenetics Extender

Interestingly, some masterminds have made the most out of the evolution in research and discovered several methods that can help us make our lives easier and less problematic.

Amongst such inventions is the introduction of male and female enhancement products that have not only addressed our concerns smartly, but have also improved our quality of life drastically.

While most of these products are meant to cater individual needs, there are few that can accommodate every specific concern affecting your confidence and performance under the sheet.

If I talk about one such product for males – I will name SizeGenetics for sure!

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What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a very promising tool that offers penis enlargement, as well as sex enhancement effects in one.

SizeGenetics Male Traction Device

For years, it has been helping men, who find their size insufficient and their sexual life an utter torment.

Interestingly, the very famous and sought after device has been designed prioritizing one thing in mind; REAL RESULTS THROUGH A COMFORTABLE AND SAFER METHOD!

SizeGenetics promise to:

  • Permanently elongate the penile length by up to 8.7”.
  • Increase the thickness/circumference.
  • Increase penile strength.
  • Ease the signs of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Address Peyronie’s disease.

Precisely, the brand comes in three different packages but regardless of the package you pick, results and comfort through 58 way ultimate comfort system is assured!

SizeGenetics™ Value Edition
Value Edition Package

1. SizeGenetics Value Edition

For the most basic introduction to penis enlargement

The most economical package by SizeGenetics is the Value Edition package that is generally recommended to men who are new to the tool.

The package comprises of a revolutionary penis enlargement device that is based on the medical grade material highly friendly to your skin.

With it, escorts 2 sets of elongation bars categorized as 1 inch and 2 inches for you to switch to the other as you notice an increase.

Then there is a comfort pad and a strap to ensure the wearing is 100% comfortable, painless and hassle-free.

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SizeGenetics Comfort Edition
Comfort Edition Package

2. SizeGenetics Comfort Package

For fast gains with maximum comfort!

The package is meant for men who are too eager for results but have extra focus on the comfort factor.

The package comprises of the medical type 1 device with three sets of elongation bars, leather cover, lock and keys to keep your device safe and secret.

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SizeGenetics Ultimate System
SizeGenetics Ultimate Package

3. SizeGenetics Ultimate System

For the ultimate in gains!

Ultimate System is all about bigger and speedier effects owing to its highest traction tension supply and three sets of elongation bars, all of which add to the gains you generally see in adult movies.

That’s right.

Basically, the most advanced package has qualities needed for a comprehensive growth process with 2 multi-functional heads, lubricant, traction powder and a DVD based on exercises that can further count up to the health and length of the penile.

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How does SizeGenetics work?

Sizegenetics use
how sizegenetics work

The mechanism of Sizegenetics is no hard and fast science, it is in fact, very simple to the general understanding.

The approach mass gainers follow to get bigger, the very approach Sizegenetics use to make your manhood bigger.

In essence, mass gainers lift weights, the pressure and force of which causes the fibers in their muscles to break.

The breaking encourages the growth of new fibers and healing of the ones being damaged.

This process of growth and recovery leads to the increase in size with the muscles becoming more able to carry higher concentration of blood now.

Likewise, the device supplies a whopping 2800 traction tension for a continual, balanced and pain free stretch all along to the chambers that carry blood at the time of arousals.

The regular, but subtle stretching leads to the broadening and breaking of cells inside the chambers, which encourages the growth of new cells as a replacement for the damaged one.

Now this production of the new cells is exactly where the gains come from!

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Secondly and very importantly, this expansion creates a better capacity within the chambers to carry more blood at the time of arousals which is when the erections are drastically improved to harder and longer!

This is the reason why we call SizeGenetics multi-purpose and different from all the other contraptions available.

Why is SizeGenetics different?

We find Sizegenetics different for a number of reasons:

  • By far, there is no other penis enlargement tool offering the amount of traction tension even closer to that of SizeGenetics- AND gains are heavily based on this factor!
  • No other penis enlargement pump or penis Traction device is as technologically advanced as this device is.
  • It offers permanent gains, unlike 90% of the penis pumps that are merely about short-term and substandard effects.
  • When it comes to the quality and comfort factor- no other brand can outclass these qualities boasted by SizeGenetics.

Your need and eagerness to get big is justifiable on all grounds and trust me, you are not alone with this desire, there are countless like you hoping to be as good as their partners expect them to be.

Even though, I don’t feel there is any better choice other than SizeGenetics at this point of time, but you can simply look into other methods and apprehend why my recommendation is favorable for you by all means.

1. Penis enlargement surgery

penile surgery
penis enlargement surgery

You may be familiar with the choice that can turn you big within an hour or two.

The surgical procedure generally called as the ‘penile augmentation’ is the only shortcut that can give you gains real quick.

Precisely, you can add 3-6cm and 2-3 cm in the length and width of your penis respectively.


The method does not have a 100% success rate unless you go for a good surgeon or face the potential repercussions in the form of side effects like impotence and nerve damage.

To your knowledge, the expense of a quality penile augmentation would be near to $10,000.

2. Kegel and other penis enlargement exercises

Kegel exercise for penis enlargement
Kegel exercise for men

Exercising our muscles makes them strong and adds to their strength, likewise, penis is connected to pelvic muscles and training the specific set of muscles can add to their strength for sure.

Kegel addresses all such weaknesses related to the pelvic muscles that ultimately benefits erection.

And not just this, there are some other exercises that are also considered to contribute in the improvement of erections and elongation of penile size like wet jelqing, rotating stretch and thumb stretcher.


With Kegel and all the related exercises, regularity and patience are the only things that count.

Make sure you do not skip them and follow for 5 days a week. Only after a period of 5-6 months, you can expect a bit change.

3. Penis enlargement supplements

penis enlargement pills
penis enlargement supplements

These are dietary formulas that are particularly aimed for men facing problems related to their erections or size.

While most of the penis enlargement supplements are an utter failure, there are few that can actually create a difference you can enjoy in bed.

But before you invest your money and trust in a brand, make sure the ingredients are friendly to your body, FDA approved and free from health risks.


It isn’t difficult to get your hands on a quality brand, but sadly, there is no assurance that the gains will be permanent and stay even after the discontinuation of formula.

In most cases, the results produced by dietary supplements are short-lived.

4. Penis enlargement diet

male enhancement diet
Penis diet for men

A good diet is always considered a great rescue- no matter what the concern is.

The same goes for men in need of virility and enhancement in their size and sexual health.

Luckily, there are several foods which they can simply slot in or increase the usage in their diet for example, honey, eggs, bananas, salmon, onions etc.

Besides, there are two very powerful and proven fruits that offer benefits similar to that of Viagra, namely watermelon and pomegranate.

So a good diet does count, if planned and designed in accordance.


A good diet can make you go a long way, but again, the apprehension of short-term effects does exist with this method as well.

Apart from that, make sure you are determined and tolerant enough to wait for the improvements you long.

Considering all the aforementioned techniques you have in front, are you convinced that SizeGenetics is the best you can get for your ‘bedroom’ concerns?

Where can I buy SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is all about serious and permanent gains, but make sure you pay and get the actual contraption for yourself.

In essence, SizeGenetics is quite famous and in demand penis enlargement traction device, which is why it is heavily replicated and sold by fraudsters all around the world.

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Where to Buy SizeGenetics

In such a situation where the purchase is surrounded by risks, it’s better to keep it simple and trust the trusted.

Q1: Can I buy Sizegenetics from Walmart?

Buy SizeGenetics at Walmart
SizeGenetics Walmart

I will not recommend Walmart despite its goodwill and high status in the market.

This is because Walmart does not issue guarantee on SizeGenetics which make the quality factor a bit uncertain to me.

Not just this, it will charge the complete price of SizeGenetics despite the official sale and discounts active for customers.

Q2: Is GNC the right place to buy SizeGenetics?

Buy Sizegenetics at GNC
Sizegenetics GNC

Why You Should NOT Buy SizeGenetics from GNC.

If you’re looking for a device that can help you increase the size of your penis, SizeGenetics is an excellent choice.

A no to GNC as well owing to the same concerns I have from Walmart- no guarantee and no discounts.

Q3: What about Amazon to buy SizeGenetics?

Buy Sizegenetics at amazon
Sizegenetics amazon

Amazon is not even the option for you because of its simple and lenient sign up policies for the sellers.

Imagine when anyone can sell anything without the fear of being monitored, who would you claim in case the quality is not what is supplied by the official company of SizeGenetics?

Q4: Should I prefer eBay to buy SizeGenetics?

Buy SizeGenetics at eBay
SizeGenetics eBay

Ebay is pretty much the same about the seller’s policies and so the platform is not trustable for the purchase of SizeGenetics as well.

Besides, you will be charged more because of the seller’s profit!

Only you can value your hard earned money and invest in the right place.

Simply visit the official website of SizeGenetics and place your order from its official manufacturers.

This decision of yours will favor you by:

  • Getting an original SizeGenetics penis enlargement contraption.
  • Pocket-friendly discounts round the year.
  • 6 months refund policy.

Order Sizegenetics device now

Well, no other e-commerce channel offers qualities like these!

Penis Extenders – Top 5 Clinically Tested and Approved Devices

Penis size has become a priority to many men for which they spend a high amount of money on different stuffs.

Not everyone is a fond of male enhancement pills because of their oral route of administration.

This is where Penis Extenders come into play.

Best Penis Extenders that work

They are the devices which enlarge your penis by the traction method which we will discuss in later part of this article.

There are above 100 of penis extenders available online which we cannot cover, so we are only high-lighting the top 5 ones.

The top 5 best penis extenders that we picked are certified fresh according to the users and maybe they are the best extenders to this day.

  1. SizeGenetics (Top Seller)
  2. Jes Extender
  3. Male Edge
  4. X4 Labs
  5. Pro Extender

Each extender has its own unique features for which they are demanding very affordable price.

It’s not folly to spend on something that might improve your penis size and overall sexual functions.

Penis Extender Device – What Is It?

Penis extenders are simply penis enlargement devices which use the traction technique.

Penis ExtendersThese devices can solve severe issues in men like erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease, which is characterized by curved or bend penis.

These devices are worn by men to increase the length of the penis.

Dr’s Approval on Traction Method

There are many studies which concluded the true efficacy of penis traction devices.

The traction technique indeed DOES support the enlargement of penis cells, which in turn increase the overall length.

This is both studied and applied in clinical trials.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

For penis enlargement and straightening purposes, traction penis extenders are clinically proven to be effective.

This device alone can add the maximum length to your penis for which you don’t have to go towards the supplement method.

Granted that the onset of action of these penis extenders are slow for which you have to use them for a couple of months.

Each day user must wear it for 2-3 hours for best results.

how to get a bigger penis naturally

Traction method is lengthy, but it ensures maximum results.

The size you will gain is not temporary, traction method doesn’t deal with temporary results but the gains you will achieve will remain permanently.

You will have to go through some uncomfortable situations while using it, but the end result will astound you.

The way it escalates the penis growth is extraordinary.

So yes, they do work. But user must show a little patience because these penis enlargement techniques take time.

In many penis extender sites in the testimonial section you may find hundreds of before and after pictures of many customers who have posted their change in size.

The change is good, but according to them it takes about 7-8 months for the result to appear.

Traction method is a gradual increase of your penis size, but that’d stay permanently.

Why Penis Extenders are Better than Supplements and Surgery?

If you have ever done bodybuilding then you might have experienced the gains from supplement disappear quickly.

Whereas, gains which you have achieved with hard work stays for a longer period of time.

This is the same case with penis extenders; their effects are totally without any supplementation or surgery, it’s more like a bodybuilding for your penis which gradually increases the size of every cell inside.

How to Use Penis Extenders Safely and Effectively?

resultsIt’s not a rocket science, but still you need to be cautious while using one.

Below steps will ensure proper safety of the rod based penis extenders.

First of all, fix your penis into the basel ring of the extender.

Now make the glans secured into the comforting pad in order to avoid the painful friction or stretch.

Not every device has those comfort pads that might ease your way, such as SizeGenetics give the most comfortable devices.

Adjust the traction force accordingly, it’s all up to you if you want to add or decrease the traction force.

For beginners it’s important to start with a low tension, then increase it in a gradual way.

If your penis is bigger and cannot fit, you need to use an additional rod to properly fix it.

Every penis extenders come with an additional rod for individuals having a slightly bigger dick.

How To Use Penis Extender? Tips and Guides

1. Do not Over-Stretch

Let’s end a misconception about penis extenders, over-stretching is not going to work.

In fact, you don’t need to over-stretch your penis in order to avoid injuries which happened at many times.

It is preferable to start with lower tension force, then shift to the mild one and then high.

Once you mastered the skills of taking enough amount of tension, you will be ready for the expert level.

2. Do not get Greedy about Size

Most of us think wearing the penis extenders for longer time periods can deliver some special effects, which is entirely wrong.

You have to act on a planned routine and wear it precisely for the time as instructed in the manual.

Wearing extenders for too long might rupture your blood vessels or cause other forms of injuries.

3. Never Allow a Gap

One thing about penis extenders is that they deliver gradual results. So you need to be consistent while using it which means never skips a day!

If you play safe and consistent, there is a big chance you will get faster results.

Even after weeks if you cannot take the moderate amount of tension, you need to go back to the lower stage because that’s how it works.

Consistency is the key!

Common Penis Extender Side Effects

Some of us are very desperate to increase our size that we totally neglect the vital piece of information about the device.

side effects

This is why it is advised to take a look on user guide which comes with a package.

Every penis extenders provide user guides in a DVD or booklet form which contains the basic information about the product and how to use it.

This happens mostly with the first time users who failed to wear the device properly and ended up fracturing their own penis.

Like penis enlargement pills, penis extenders have some side effects, but they only occur when THE DEVICES ARE USED INCORRECTLY.

You can experience following symptoms which will go away once you stop using it.

1. Skin Irritation: Occurs mainly on the penis shaft and glans

2. Erectile Dysfunction: When a beginner starts with the highest tension force, but it’s extremely a rare case.

3. Pain in the penis: Usually caused minor muscle damage

4. Rupturing of Blood Vessels: When the device is used wrongly

5. Tissue Damage: Rare case

Top 5 Best Penis Extenders

There are more than just 5 penis extenders all over that we may or may not know about.

But these 5 penis extenders are the most used, recommended and endorsed by many experts and even users.

It is due to their 100% effectiveness and safety, we have listed them, moreover the user reviews about these size extenders are 95% affirmative.

1. SizeGenetics

Known for its remarkable effects SizeGenetics was awarded adult product of the year in 2013.

By far it is the most convenient and comfortable penis extender device to the user’s.

penis enlargement extender

The product is made from a premium-grade material which doesn’t cause skin irritation and other skin related issues.

SizeGenetics is famous for its 58 way comforting system that makes it easier to use.

The product after launching was introduced in so many TV shows and men’s magazines.

You can find a variety of packages in different price which are:

  • Comfort Package
  • Ultimate Package
  • Value Edition
  • Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition

The traction method applied by SizeGenetics is clinically proven safe and effective.

The manufacturer ensured that the product was undergoing many clinical researches before it was launched.

Many users who are using penis enlargement supplements use Sizegenetics side by side to improve their length enhancement.

Click Here to Visit Official website of SizeGenetics for purchase and orders.

2. Jes Extender

Jes Extender was released back in 1994 as a penis traction device.

From the statistic, Jes has sold over 100,000 units globally in 2000 and is still grabbing the customers.

Male Traction device
Jes Extender

According to their claims, user can increase the length and girth of his penis by up to 28%.

Jes extender also claims to be the very fast result giving device which gives you the first sign of penis growth in 7 days!

The device is clinically safe for the treatment of peyronie’s disease and to correct the penis curvature.

The patent for this device is granted in many regions of the world, but users have also complained about the comfort issues.

See Jes Extender Vs SizeGenetics to see which penis extender works best for you.

3. Male Edge

A Product of Denmark, Male Edge is a second generation penis enlargement device which is evolved originally from Jes Extender.

Male Edge penis extenders are made up of a plastic which makes it durable but less comfortable.

Penile enlarger
Male Edge

Due to the stumpy quality there are many fake versions of Male Edge being sold which is totally a scam.

That’s why the manufacturer advice customers purchase the device only from the official source.

The extender also has a clinical data available about its effect which is basically an enhancement in length and girth of a penis.

Best treatment for bend penis, Male Edge increases 0.8-.2.3 cm in penis size which to some users is really important.

Click Here to Learn more about Male Edge device from the official website.

4. X4 Labs

Speaking about different packages in different price?

Well, X4 Labs are one of the versatile penis extender maker, which has lots of packages available which supports the users budget.

Penis enlargement device
X4 labs

The package starts from the beginner level after which you have to update it by purchasing other required gadgets.

They have a wide range of accessories which customer can use in different ways.

One of the extender from X4 Labs, Known as a universal upgrade kit which can be used along with other size extenders.

And the best thing is, you can wear it as much as you like and there will be no skin related problems.

Approved by many sex specialist and doctors, X4 Labs has its own clinical data available about their products which makes them another legitimate entity in the market.

According to their claims, using X4 Labs for 6 months can

  • Increase 10% the thickness of your penis
  • Addition of 1-1.5 inch in length
  • Completely correct the penis curvature
  • With permanent results

Visit Official website of X4 Labs for detailed review and guarantee.

5. Pro Extender

Pro Extender is a size enhancer made by a Dutch surgeon in 1994 after which it was sold without a prescription.

In 2017, pro extender brought a big change in their penis extender devices by incorporating comfortable portions.

Male Penis enlargement extender
Pro Extender

This makes their device highly comfortable for the users; even FDA approved it as a medical device which user can only purchase from the sole and official dealers.

Like other devices, ProExtender uses traction technique to increase penis size.

The effects are moderately good and users don’t complain about comfortability issue.

Like many penis extenders, Pro extender has also a big list of customers who are using it on a daily basis for the most effective results.

The price is relatively cheaper than other penis enlargement devices which make it an economical extender.

Find more details on ebay about Pro Male Penis Extender Enlargement System Enlarger Stretcher Proextender.

Penis Extenders Buyer’s Guide

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a penis extender.

For the starters, it should be clinically approved by a medical community with fully safety concerns.

  • The material should be of high quality; this may define the integrity of the product
  • Must have user guide and proper instructions about how to use
  • There should be availability of extra parts which user can adjust as per will
  • Must offer money back guarantee

Final Verdict

In order to increase the size of your penis, you can either go for the supplements which harm your body system; you can also go for the surgeries which are highly expensive and dangerous.

Sizegenetics GuaranteeOr you can choose a penis extender which undoubtedly delivers gradual but effective results.

Tools like penis traction device demands consistency and patience which is a key for any goal accomplishment.

These devices are easier to use and can be worn inside your clothes while you are doing work or shopping.

The only difficult thing about penis extender is to learn how to properly use it.

Extender like SizeGenetics even allows you to do physical tasks while wearing a device that is constantly working on the enlargement of your penile tissues.

These top 5 best extenders in the market can definitely change your penis size.

Sex is an important aspect in human lives which can be immensely joyous if a man has a big size penis.


SizeGenetics customer reviews

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Women love deep penetrative sex which demands you to have a bigger size as well as long-lasting stamina.

Traction method enhances the size of your penis and strengthens the muscles at the same time, which makes you stay longer in bed.