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This article will provide you with some essential information about the truth behind Sizegenetics UK and how people are choosing the wrong way to buy it.

Sizegenetics is the future of penis enlargement which has numerous benefits to your sexual life and it’s getting much demanded in the UK.

SizeGenetics UK

Buy SizeGenetics Penis Extender in the UK

SizeGenetics UK is a vague term which many people are using just to get their penis size enlarged.

In fact, there is nothing like SizeGenetics UK, there’s no version of you getting the real one by typing Sizegenetics in the UK on Google.

So why are people searching for it?

It is true that people search for the product and put their location at the end of it, hoping they’ll find in their city or country which is totally understandable.

But when it comes to Sizegenetics, there is only one source which is the official page.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is the latest penis traction device which is the first of its kind that has been approved by the FDA.

SizeGenetics ExtenderThis is a kind of exercise for your penile muscles by putting a certain amount of pressure on them which basically enlarge the size of tissues lies within.

Unlike other penis stretchers or male enhancement pills, SizeGenetics is 100% safe for your body system BECAUSE IT’S A MECHANICAL DEVICE.

It works on the principles of traction method which can increase the size of your penis up to 4 inches.

But like all exercises require time for the effects to take place, you can expect penis enlargement from SizeGenetics in 4-7 months.

Who Can Take Benefits From SizeGenetics?

You can expect a lot of physiological changes in men’s body these days, some of them are unpredictable or you can say unfavorable.

SizeGenetics plays a vital role for men who are suffering from

  • Micro Penis Syndrome
  • Bend Penis Syndrome

Both of these issues are connected with a failure in sexual activity which needs to be fixed right away.

For that people are also trying to sell you the fake penis enlargement pills, some of which works but most of them don’t.

But the probability of satisfactory results from SizeGenetics device is 100% since it applied traction force on your penis.

Also, men who take very little time in sex have somehow the low level of stamina.

By exercising the penis muscles you can have a total control on them, hence you can stay in bed as long as you want.

How to Use SizeGenetics?

This is where a lot of people get worried, about the use of this mechanical device because most of us are unaware of them.

how to use Sizegenetics

Well, it’s simpler than you would have imagined.

When you purchase SizeGenetics from the official retailers, it comes with a kit that contains a DVD with full instructions.

It will teach you how to use it and for how long you can use it for.

You can wear it any time of the day and no one will ever notice, the device cannot be seen under the clothes and you can’t tell if someone is using it.

For best results, you need to use the device regularly for about 4 months, after which you will begin to see the improvements.

Retailers of SizeGenetics in the UK

SizeGenetics parts
Before and After Results

SizeGenetics cannot be purchased from any medical store or supermarket because the official maker of SizeGenetics deals with their own online marketing and distribution channel.

This means they do not give away their products to any place like Walmart, GNC or whatsoever.

In any corner of the world, you can only get SizeGenetics by visiting the official website.

This is why people in the UK are getting on their nerves because they cannot find it on the live stations as they presumed.


SizeGenetics UK, in a nutshell, is a Fugazi which basically doesn’t exist.

It’s a term used by people who wished to purchase it from their nearby location.

If you ever find the SizeGenetics are hanging on the shelf of any supermarket or store, RUN RIGHT AWAY because that won’t be original.

It is much easier, affordable and helpful if you simply order it from their official/online retailers.

Benefits of SizeGenetics

According to the manufacturer, using the SizeGenetics for at least 4 months can deliver the following outcomes.

  • Increase in penis size by inches
  • Boost sexual performance and confidence level
  • Helps you satisfy the basic need of a woman
  • Long-lasting erection
  • A valid treatment for curved penis
  • Keeps your penis muscles opened
  • Its clinically tested and proven to be effective
  • Safe for Use
  • Offers Money Back Guarantee
  • Reasonable Price

Different Versions of SizeGenetics

There isn’t one type of SizeGenetics device if you ask, but there are 4-5 different types based on the condition of your penis.

SizeGenetics packages

The most demanded and sold one is the ultimate system that might cost you £229.95.

This can also be seen after you visit their webpage and see for yourself.

You can get 2-3 items with no delivery charges because they ship to any region of the world.

SizeGenetics Side Effects

The penile traction method is painless as well as 100% effective, according to the customers.

After assessing so many customer reviews and health forums we have found no traces of side effects that can be associated with SizeGenetics.

I mean who else gets side effects just by exercising?

Moment of the Truth – Where to Buy SizeGenetics?

The science behind SizeGenetics is purely logical and real.

Order SizeGeneticsIt DOES affect your penis size upon regular use and offers you too many advantages.

The device was launched since 2001 but you should really see how they have entirely changed their device looks and overall mechanism.

Approved by FDA and highly endorsed by the doctors, SizeGenetics is one of the most effective treatments for a small penis.

The company gives you 180 days money back guarantee which we think will be not needed anyway.

Be careful if you see someone posting about SizeGenetics UK because that would be a total SCAM.

You cannot get SizeGenetics from Amazon, Walmart or GNC but only the Official Website has the answer.

Quit getting embarrassed about your penis size and sexual performance because after SizeGenetics your penis would be like a pro bodybuilder with lots of juice and stamina.

What’s in the Package?

Every SizeGenetic penis extender device will contain a bunch of different kinds of stuff which is used in the combination.

  • Stretcher- Basic part of the device
  • DVD- To show instructions and proper way of using the device
  • Comforting Pad- In case if you applied too much pressure
  • Elongation Bars- Defines which size you want
  • Strap- To carry the device around your back
Best Non Surgical penis enlargement method

The Best Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods 2018

Yes, they really can work! Study finds non surgical penis enlargement methods DO increase length. Report by DailyMail

Non-Surgical penis extension is becoming the latest technique to enlarge penis with quite an ease.

But again, there are different kind of non-surgical methods in which some works while some don’t.

A group of Italian scientist named Marco Ordera and Paolo Gontero conducted a study where it was found that traction methods are more beneficial in increasing penis size, however surgical procedures for enhancing penis size can be most risky with a high rate of complications.

Male penis size plays a significant role in his sexual life, either you satisfy your partner to the fullest by keeping her complaining about your small size.

It is true that larger penis brings an enhanced level of satisfaction for both of you which is why men have been asking different kinds of questions on the internet which shows their desperation.

The University of Turin allowed Ordera and Gontero to evaluate further on their study.

So they took hundreds of test subjects where half of them were subjected to surgery while the other half stayed on a tougher type of regimen which demanded 6 hours of traction period per day for about 4-5 months.

Surprisingly traction method was more beneficial than surgery in terms of adding size to the penis.

An average increase of 1.8 cm in the majority of subjects was noted while in 25% about 2.3 cm of increased penis size occurred.

Latest Non Surgical Penis Enlargement Extension

Traction method is considered of huge importance in improving your sex life by increasing your penis size to the remarkable extent.

Sizegenetics penis extender deviceSimilarly, scientists approved penis pumps as a non-surgical penis extension technique. 

These pumps create a vacuum around your penis cells and accelerate the rate of their growth.

According to Ordera and Gontero, these devices which fit around the organ are much helpful in adding size to your penis as well as for maintaining an erection.

Each day a large population of men visits their urologist where they admit about their sexual life becoming dull each day.

For that, they mostly ask for surgeries which in reverse invite too many complications in their urinary system.

Endorsed by many urologists and sex experts, vacuum pump like SizeGenetics has achieved 90% of positive ratings due to its surprising penis enlarging effects.

Every day, millions of men search for methods to increase the size of their penis and other penis enlarging supplements which not only waste their time but also their hard earned cash.

It’s like a giant black hole where you find so many attractive products, but none of them works like penis extension techniques.

SizeGenetics – What Is It?

Usually, ordinary penis pumps available online can add 0.5-1.5 inches to your penis but that’s not the case with SizeGenetics.

Buy SizeGenetics penis extender for bigger penis

The SizeGenetics penis extender promises you 8-8.5 inch penis in a faster and much easier way.

The device is completely safe and comfortable in use which is another reason for its hype.

They take the credit from the British Association of Urological Surgeons which proved that non-surgical penis extension is way more effective than surgical procedures.

SizeGenetics is the pioneer of penis enlargement pumps where they have delivered some of the remarkable products which helped millions of men to gain perfect penis size.

How Does It Work?

Your body after a hard workout develops gradual muscle mass with extra strength.

That’s the same case with the penis, SizeGenetics applies 2,800 grams of tension on your penile muscles where it provides constant and gentle stretch.

After stretching your penis muscles, usually, the dilation process occurs due to the relaxation of these muscles.

As a result of which more blood rushes to the penis which improves erection period of an individual.

Also, the multiplication of penile cells occurs in Corpora Cavernosa (Penis part which holds blood during erection period) which deliver certain effects like:

  • Muscle building of penis
  • Regeneration of new healthier cells
  • Cell healing process

All these effects allow your penis to extend its size and become larger.

Benefits of SizeGenetics

  • 100% successful treatment for Peyronie’s disease (bent penis syndrome)
  • Helps Micro Penis to grow in size (3-5 inches)
  • Clinically Proven technique to increase penis size
  • Invisible under clothes
  • Maintain erection for longer period of time
  • Generate enough stamina to help your penis while deep penetration
  • Fix curving penis
  • Made of high-quality material that is shatterproof
  • No side effects


Does Sizegenetics really work?

One cannot negate after reading the scientific facts about penis traction devices and their efficiency to increase penis size with improved sexual health.

Sizegenetics 6 month guaranteeAbout 90% of men are satisfied with the results of SizeGenetics where they experienced maximum growth of their penis shaft, done by vacuum pressure.

No need to say, but penis pumps like SizeGenetics are approved by many urologists around the globe who also prescribe their customers to use this technique.

Based on the facts and results, use of the SizeGenetics penis extender is the best treatment for a short penis.

Who Make SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is manufactured by DanaMedic APS, which is located in Lyngby, Denmark.

Any order you place from their online website gets delivered directly from Denmark which means the manufacturing plant is also in the same location.

It’s not like they work privately, their customer care staff is available and can be helpful in answering your various queries about the product.

Final Verdict

Non-Surgical Penis Extensions are available in many forms, but that doesn’t mean you will choose any product.

If you are willing to purchase a penis extender, SizeGenetics would be the best penis pump of choice but that can only be purchased from its official website.

To avoid the malicious scams which deliver your low-quality products, it would be wise to go through the first official website.

Women do not wait for their partner to get better at sex for longer, instead, you have to deal with it quicker and try non-surgical penis extension which can totally boost your size, confidence and most importantly your self-esteem.