Sleeping With Penis Extender, Is It Safe?

SizeGenetics is a male penis extender that is proven to increase the size of penile by inches. The product is a known brand in the market which is amongst the best selling penis contraption available nowadays. Sizegenetics is proven to help increase the length, as well as the circumference of manhood. The contraption works through a natural and safe mechanism which enables you to add inches to your penis without any injury or harm to your reproductive organ.

SizeGenetics is the only penis stretcher that offers 2800 grams of tension. With this, the possibilities of gain become definite. Plus, with its advance and upgraded 58 way ultimate comfort system, users can ensure to experience results in a very comfortable and convenient way. The unique design and characteristics of Sizegenetics are what makes this penis stretcher stand apart from the other brands.

The hype created about the efficacy of sizegenetics are not just the ‘claims’ as the efficacy of sizegenetics has also been approved by the hardest of critics. For the technique it applies and how well it delivers results, sizegenetics has been suggested by doctors to the ones willing to improve their sexual health! Yes, sizegenetics is also proven to enhance your sexual health, while helping you with better gains! The contraption is approved to be a type 1 medical device which proves how safe sizegenetics is for the usage!


Sizegenetics is a penis extender that can work ideally for all those willing to have serious size gains! This clearly means that the product does not target men of certain age groups, but is beneficial for all!

Plus, the results generated by the contraption are quick and permanent. So yeah, its time to revive your sex life with added fun and charm this time!


Sizegenetics is a product that can give you a change for life! So, what are the core benefits of this penis extender have a look:

  1. The tool applies traction technology which is proven to increase length gains naturally. The consistent use of sizegenetics for a period of 24 months will help you increase your size by up to 3 inches! That’s true!
  2. Not just size gains, but a versatile product like sizegenetics ensure you receive utmost benefits with its usage. Thus, it helps you to improve the girth that is the circumference of your penis too!
  3. The mechanism Sizegenetics applies is also effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction. A condition wherein you cannot last longer in bed. Plus, men with the concern also have soft erections. So, using a contraption like sizegenetics can help you with hardcore and longer erections!
  4. The contraption is proven to strengthen your reproductive organ. This would help you with a more intense climax.
  5. The penis extender can also help in straightening a curve penile safely and effectively.

As you can see, sizegenetics is more than just a tool that can help you with better gains. Using the contraption, one can actually improve his sexual health significantly!


Since, a product like sizegenetics aim to work on the most sensitive part of your body, thus, its ultra-modern design has been chiefly invented considering the comfort factor in mind. This makes it a device that can be worn for longer periods with ease.

Ideally, the device can be worn during day time, unless you have a physically active job. Wearing sizegenetics during daylight hours will maximize your enlargement results. Yes, the contraption can also be used at night time while you go to sleep, however active sleepers may not find its usage comfortable during sleep. Plus, the possibilities of injury in this state, also increases!


While you fit the contraption to your penis, the very moment it starts to function. It delivers a constant stretch to the penis, which results in splitting the cells present within. At the time when cells start to heal, fresh ones are produced which makes the penis get bigger in size. A long penis then holds extra blood, which enables it to improve the quality of erections!


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