Prostate 911 Review for Men – Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

We all men with age become prone to quite health conditions which are not so dangerous but cannot be neglected.

This wouldn’t be a problem since men have been handling too many problems at once but when it comes to their sexuality, things got pretty serious.

The very manly feature of men lies in prostate health which defines the rate of satisfaction you are going to give a woman, and also the physical power which makes you a complete masculine specimen.

Those men with the complete package of physical stamina and sexual power are satisfied with themselves. But what happens when the ability to control urination of ejaculation turn against them?

With age, there is something you cannot control which seems very disturbing to men as they never experienced such things before. Prostate Enlargement or Prostatic Hyperplasia is the common condition occurs to men after a certain age.

The average size of a male prostate is the size of a walnut at an early age. [study]

When years pass and after the critical 35 years, the size of the prostate increases which puts the bladder movements and other organs in the middle of a slight malfunction.

The interference of the prostate with urinary bladder makes you feel the urge to pee frequently and there has to be a solution for such type of situations.

What is Prostate 911?

For the prostate health emergency, the Prostate 911 is the herbal supplement with 5 different kind of ingredients for decreasing the occurrence of prostate enlargement.

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Men with old age tags on their heads are known to come across this problem quite often and this can deter them to have fun in this part of life.

Men who find themselves running to the bathroom every time their wife calls are now finding a solution for prostate problems.

This situation needed the proper treatment for decades unless a research team in Colorado gathered the type of ingredients useful against this prostate enlargement.

Prostate 911 is unlike the pharmaceutical medicines with side effects, this will mend the size of Prostate to the original one without the side effects.

Ingredients in Prostate 911

In the supplement back label, you will find a bunch of ingredients involved, but when it comes to the ingredients which really works for this.

These are 5 in number.

  • Stinging Nettle: The active ingredient in the nettle extract is proven to decrease the prostate size and mend the urinary bladder functions.
  • Saw Palmetto: The symptoms for prostate enlargement are thought to be deceased with this herb as it has been used in other forms of supplements too. Saw Palmetto is the plant which roots, leaves, and fruits bear multiple benefits and this is the reason why it’s involved in Prostate 911.
  • Zinc: Zinc is the male element for men’s health as it cures dozens of prostate-related conditions. Zinc supplements are also known for shrinking the prostate size and improve vital functions.
  • Broccoli Leaf Extract: The leaf extract is filled with a chemical called Sulforaphane which is given to the patients with an enlarged prostate.
  • Pygeum Africanum: The bark is called “Medical Bark” which is used for the treatment for prostate cancer and prostatic hyperplasia.

 What are the Benefits of Prostate 911?

Prostate 911 is the natural supplement that brings back the enlarged prostate to its normal size.

prostate enlargement treatment

This is the ideal way to remove the pressure from the urinary bladder which is pressurized form can be lethal to the kidneys and other vital organs.

This will result in the decreased urge of having frequent urination which keeps you awake at night. The supplement will ensure the erections men gets are un-interfered with the urge for urination which totally deviates the mood and end up making their wives unsatisfied.

The supplement allows men to have full control over their bladder movements which may sometime cause social awkwardness while you are running to the bathroom for the fifth time.

Lastly, the dietary supplement Prostate 911 eliminates the chances of prostate cancer.

Regain the Sexual Function with Prostate 911

The prostate is the main organ for sexual functions in men, having said this some men are unable to perform sex with an enlarged prostate.

The supplement claims to restore the good sexual state between 1-1.5 months of time.

Is Prostate 911 Safe to Use?

The ingredients in Prostate 911 are all herbal, despite their herbal nature they were gathered from the first world country to ensure safety and efficacy.

The mechanism of putting these ingredients together was advised by many doctors and research experts around the world to help men with Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Also, the supplement has undergone multiple clinical trials which on human subjects have shown improvements regarding their prostate health.

There is no version where users experienced the side effects with this supplement.

There have been no negative outcomes from Saw Palmetto or other ingredients mentioned above and this is what making Prostate 911 ideal to be chosen against an enlarged prostate.

Every ingredient was separately tested under clinical trials, although their little benefit to the prostate health is negligible. But after putting them together, Prostate 911 became the very first supplement to be used for Prostatic hyperplasia without noticeable side effects.

Prostate 911 is made by PhytAge which is known for following the Good Manufacturing Practice and the company’s supplements are approved by FDA as they say.

How to Use Prostate 911?

The dosage of Prostate 911 is quite simple to take; the supplement is available in small capsules form which is user-convenient.

Single bottle of Prostate 911 contains 90 capsules which according to the very maker is 45 days’ dosage.

how to cure prostate enlargement

Users are encouraged to have 2 capsules of Prostate 911 per day for the greater results. The capsules are taken one in the morning and the other in the night with a glass of water only.

Upon taking the right amount of Prostate 911 dosage, users will begin to see the results between 4-6 weeks.

Prostate 911 Customer Reviews

Here are the satisfied customer reviews about Prostate 911 natural supplement.

Prostate enlargement treatments can be tacky and expensive. Plus, you are not allowed to have sexual intercourse for a predetermined period of time. The only way between me and my younger girlfriend was my enlarged prostate which according to doctors may require a year’s time to get fixed. The Prostate 911 came all this way like a miracle which nonetheless took months of healing but now things are changed.

The load of my semen has been drastically increased and the control over erections is splendid.

James Cougher

Being a medical teacher, it always seemed embarrassing leaving the class every 5-6 minutes. The holding of pee became hard for me for which I ordered Prostate 911, to not say this but the supplement works greater than many drugs we found in the pharmacies. I wouldn’t bash much but the results of Prostate 911 are quite satisfactory, to me it’s like dealing with the cum load like in my 20’s.

Liam Gillian

Prostate 911 Pricing and Place to Buy

The PhytAge made sure that every man who is suffering from the constant urge to pee must find Prostate 911 cheap and affordable.

A single bottle with 90 capsules is available at $120 standard price, but for men with a dire need can find it in $69.95 per bottle.

The reason for providing a staggering discount is to develop goodwill by the customers and cutting $60 away can bring the original justice to the supplement.

Prostate 911 place to buy is the official website of PhytAge which also features other marketing tactics.

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Upon buying the package where you will get 4 bottles of Prostate 911, you only have to pay $49.95 for each bottle leading to the 50% or price reduction.

This will provide you each capsule of Prostate 911 under 35 cents.

Final Thoughts

For men, Prostate 911 is the supplement that is designed for having full control of life.

With the formula contain some extraordinary prostate shrinking herbal extracts, there are no toxins or additives in the supplement which leads to harmful events. 

Prostate 911 treats the various physical condition in men which also involves Erectile Dysfunction, with every time the prostate is enlarged men lose their ability to attain an erection.

The supplement assures you restore your manhood and control over erections quite maturely. You are not going to feel any urge for rushing towards the bathroom any longer in the middle of a family feast or office meetings.

Prostate 911 also featuring 90 days’ money-back guarantee for the people who found it not effective.