4 Top Sorted Penis Enlargement Techniques Updated [2018]

No doubt, all men love to have a penis that is six inches long! At least, this is the size what is supposed to be ideal! No doubt, a long penis can make your girl scream out of pleasure, thus, a long penis is desired by all!

There are countless of penis enlargement options that promises to increase the size and circumference of penile, but unfortunately, only hand full of options are good enough to be trusted. Yes, only some of these penis enlargement options are actually effective in delivering the desired results. So, to help our users land on the right kind of options, we have shortlisted the 4 most effective penis enlargement methods. Have a look to these:


Well, the top most effective penis enlargement method is surgery. An option like this can help you add up to 3 inches to your penile. Not just the size, surgeries like these are also proven to engorge your penis. But where there is a brighter side of this option that is a darker side of this method too. For example, the option is not proven to work for all! Yes, despite the fact that it is one best penis enlargement option, the results produce by it are not definite.

Clearly speaking, the success rate of penis enlargement surgery is only 50%. That’s true! In addition, the method is highly costly and not every other man can easily afford it! Then comes the worst part, surgeries like these are full of risks! Yes, there are chances that you may end up facing complications, complications that can be worst enough to end your sex life! So, its better not to take risk and consider some other effective, but safe option!


Then comes extenders, the tools that assist size gains in a much safer manner. Contraptions like these need to be worn on the penile, after which, these applies traction technique. The gradual and consistent stretching results in adding some inches to the length. What makes this option preferable than the former is that it applies a safe technique, which is proven to work. However, the method does not produce instant and faster results than penis enlargement surgery.

Yes, you need to remain consistent with the usage and wait for months to witness favorable results. Then again, results produce by these are worth the wait for these does not bring complications along for the users to face! While you choose to use a penis extender to increase your length, you must go for a trusted brand! Yes, a brand that has proven to work for others and have a reputation in the market. If asked, we would suggest Sizegenetics, the penis extender to our readers! Sizegenetics is one known name that has actually changed the lives of many! It helps to enlarge and engorge penis in a matter of months! Not just gains, sizegenetics can also help with longer and firmer erections!

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that while choosing a penis extender, you need to be extra careful. Honestly, the market is filled with counterfeits of branded contraptions. Thus, one must remain extra careful while choosing and placing the order.


Another good option, you can consider for the purpose is penis enlargement pills. There come a number of penis enlargement pills that promises results, however, not each of these manage to produce results that have been actually hyped by its makers. Then again, going for a known and trusted brand can help you with the possibility of countering an ineffective product.

Male extra is one proven male enhancement pills that are not only good for the ‘enlargement purpose’, but also good enough to revive your sex live completely! Using Male extra, users can actually increase their length by 0.8-2.6 inches. Plus, it can improve the quality of erections for you to enjoy longer sex with solid erections! What more is needed?

Thankfully, many male enhancement pills are a composition of natural ingredients, which simply means that they are free from health related risks!


And last, but not the least, penis enlargement exercises are the most pocket friendly and safe penis enlargement exercises. These are proven to produce results, provided that these are done in an accurate manner. Jelqing, stretching and kegels are few exercises that can be practiced to add inches.

However, despite being effective, an option like this takes great deal of time to deliver results. One needs to be highly dedicated to practice the exercises regularly. So, saying this would not be wrong that consistency and patience are what the ‘actual’ price of this method!

So, best of luck with the enlargement purpose!

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