Jes Extender Vs SizeGenetics

Among the sex-related problems, problems like erectile dysfunction and small penile size have always topped the charts.

But with the problem comes the solution however, as more and more male enlargement products are breaking into an already crowded market place, the chances to get your hands on the best product is seemingly decreasing.

In order to make things easier and simple for you, we have come up with the two highly popular and sought after male enlargement contraptions.

It is important to note that our aim is to help you decide which one of the two is more result bearing for you! So, here we go:

JES Extender and Size Genetics are two quality tools that are engineered to increase the length of the penis.

However, both of these contraptions also fall in the category of girth enhancement devices.

The best about Jes extender and Sizegenetics is the fact that they provide a closer-to-nature solution to your penis related problems.

You might be curious as what makes these products special and leading and we won’t keep you in mystery anymore.

Before we compare and decide the best amongst the two, we will put light on each of these contraptions specifically.





The final result of Jes Extender vs SizeGenetics comparison:

First place: SizeGenetics. 56% users voted for SizeGenetics.

Second place: Jes Extender. 44% users voted for Jes Extender.



It is an FDA approved penis enlargement device that offers a wide range of benefits, apart from size and girth enhancement.

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Jes extender is also made to deal with problems like penile curvature and erectile dysfunction.

The contraption has qualified as a class one health tool which indicates how safe and useful it is.

How does it work?

The device applies the science of cytokinesis- the process in which the growth occurs when tissues are stretched with time, helping cells to divide and grow on their own.

It is a very common technique used by plastic surgeons while treating burn injuries or lengthening one leg which is shorter than the other.

Benefits you can expect:

Ideal for penile elongation. Useful for the increase in circumference.
Treats erectile dysfunction. Straightens the curved or bent penis.



It is a medically proven penis enlargement tool that has been in the market for around two decades now.

Despite being a bit pricey, the contraption is highly demanded and purchased worldwide.

Sizegenetics is synonym to quality and its results are always satisfactory. It targets and deals with the problem like no other tool.

It enables you to enjoy the real essence of a sexual life with more pleasure and powerful orgasms.

It is important to note that the contraption has been prepared considering while prioritizing factors like comfort and safety.

Hence, wearing it for hours does not cause any sort of uneasiness that is normally felt with other tools.

The device claims to help you hit a size of 8.7 inches, which is truly amazing!

How does this work?

It works in the most natural way, similar to the process of muscle building.

For instance, when you ought to build muscles, you start bodybuilding, an activity in which you train your muscles by applying force.

This force is applied through weight lifting, the pressure of which results in tearing the muscles tissues.

During the healing process, new tissues are formed and hence, muscle growth becomes possible.

Same goes with SizeGenetics, as it expand the penis using the force, the results start to get visible in a while.

Benefits you can expect:

Growth in length by up to 8.7” Strengthens penis.
A significant increase in circumference. Cures erectile dysfunction.
Fixes penile curvature. Helps with powerful orgasms.

Well, now its time to compare the penis contraptions and see which tool takes the lead!


Customer Rating: JES Extender has a rating of 3 stars, while SizeGenetics has a rating of 4 stars. So, if we consider the customer satisfaction element, SizeGenetics take points.

Additional benefits: When it comes to additional benefits, the competition tends to be a bit tough.

Both the products offer money-back guarantee and discounts on bulk purchases.

On a certain scale, Jes extender and Sizegenetics have some identical benefits for its users and so; both seem equally accommodating in this regard.

Features: In terms of features, there is no second thought that Sizegenetics is a value.

I mean imagine, it’s features like 58 way ultimate comfort system for supreme comfort, makes the way to the top.

On top of that, 2800 grams of tension (the amount no other contraption is offering so far) is truly a relief for those who are unsure about its effectiveness.

Speed of results: Both the products have never promised results in a blink of an eye.

You need to be patient as these non-surgical, natural ways take some time. So there is no assurance of quick results, but there is surely a guarantee for lifelong results.

Price and guarantee: The price of JES Extender is $299 and comes with a 2 year warranty, while, the worth of SizeGenetics is $350 and has a 6 month warranty period.

Price does play an important role while making a purchase but you cannot deny the fact that the latter offer value equal to its higher price.

Natural process/side effects: Both the products perform in a natural way, and so, both are the best in terms of safety.

The final verdict:

It is very difficult to pick the best amongst the two, since, both the products are highly safe and benefiting.

But considering the customer ratings and effectiveness level, we can say that SizeGenetics takes the lead.