Jelqing: Is It Worth Trying? Find out NOW [2019 Results]

For those who are wondering about this vague term “Jelqing”.

Well, it’s a penis enlargement exercise done manually and it doesn’t need any sort of mechanical device.

Male Penis Exercises

The process is quite simpler which involves squeezing away your penis with 2 fingers while rubbing it slightly from the very base.

This concept is more resembles with milking a cow if you have seen it anywhere.

Jelqing is considered one of the most basic and potent exercises amongst men who want to enlarge the size of their penis. The exercise technique can be very useful if done properly.

Here’s how to Jelq!

First of all, you need to clear your mind and warm yourself up.

Getting in a warm shower/bath is preferred because of the muscle relaxation effects it provides to your body.

If you are circumcised, then it is recommended for you to perform wet jelqing, usually done with soap if you are in the shower.

Apply lubricants of different types of oil available in the market once you are out of the shower.

While there are other special creams, available such as Bathmate Maxout which induces erection which is demanded in this situation.

Jelqing cannot be done with the penis which is not erect, you need to make it erect about 65-70% which pacifies blood supply throughout.

Now, follow these steps

  • With your fingers, make an OK gesture.
  • In the circle between your 2 fingers, fix your penis close to the shaft.
  • Squeeze gently and move your hand down slowly.
  • While sliding over again, let the grip be loose and do not apply pressure to the glans.
  • Release
  • Repeat

Your index finger and thumb should have a proper grasp around the shaft. It doesn’t matter how you grab the penis unless it is comfy around the fingers.

Do not pull the skin

You should know that jelqing is done to enlarge the length of your penis, however, some men prefer skill pull rather than concentrating on the shaft only.Jelqing exercise

Some rarely used skin pull techniques can increase the penis girth, but that’s not the case always happened.

In order to avoid the skill pull you should:

  • Add more lubricant
  • Apply softer grip
  • Use another hand to hold the shaft base to pull your skin back
  • Make your penis erect as much as you can


Jelqing is a perfect penis enlargement exercise which you should do punctually for 5 times a week.

Not to mention allowing 2 days rest can be very much helpful in recovering the penile blood vessels.

Jelqing session can be 10-15 minutes of time where you have to stroke the penis perpetually. If by any chance your hands get tired of your penis swells, take a break and then continue.

Showering and jelqing at the same time are prominently beneficial because that time the penile muscles are relaxed.

In this way, your jelqing exercise will be much easier and joyful.

Even if you use penis pump or extenders such as Penomet or SizeGenetics, they recommend you to jelq after you finish using the device to improve the blood supply to the organ.

10 minutes of jelqing means you can do it twice a day, whereas 15 minutes of jelqing is enough once a day.

How can you tell your Jelqing session was a success?

Not every jelqing practice provides you the effective results which are normal. But if you experience these signs, know that you’re hitting the success.

Your glans (A small rounded structure; especially that at the end of the penis) would be relatively harder at the end of jelq.

This happens because the blood rushes upward.

  • Jelqing turns your penis color slightly darker.
  • The appearance of your penis body will look bigger and reddish.
  • The pee hole must be a little bit open or swollen.

All these progressive signs are the evidence of enhanced blood supply to your penis which is the main objective of this exercise.

Benefits to the individuals

The results of Jelqing varies from person to person, but the basic effects remain same in everyone else.

better sexual health

The sole purpose of jelqing is to activate the veins in your penis which improves total blood flow.

Improved blood flow leads to the following benefits.

  • Easily attained and controlled erection
  • Stronger and harder erection quality
  • Increase overall penis size
  • Boost sexual stamina up to 50%

Length vs Girth Enhancement

Jelqing exercise can affect both your penis length and girth, but the following points would clarify it even more.

  • For the proper length gain, jelq with not fully erect penis but only 50-65% erect.
  • Do not jelp with a penis which his 100% fully erect.
  • For maximum girth enhancement, perform the jelqing technique on 85% hard penis.


Usually, it takes about 5-7 months till you gain a half to one inch from jelqing.

For faster and even better results you can combine this technique with Penis Enlargement device or extenders.

Use of Penis extender can add much of inches in a very short period of time.

But if you prefer jelqing alone, then you can add 0.2 inches to your penis every month.

Beginners can add very little gain as compared to the advanced users. 

Note that jelqing is a penis exercise and that is what we call a very delicate and important organ in men, so do not get greedy for the gains or do excessive rubbings.

Summary – Should you jelq alone or use Specialized Device?

Jelqing is a slow process which gives results in months.

To accelerate the process some experts believe that using Size Extenders can be pretty much helpful.

Penis enlargement pumps or devices like Penomet, SizeGenetics is one of the biggest names in Penis pump category.

What they do mimics your hand movements along with providing your penis cells an ideal environment which allows them to enlarge themselves in a much effective way.

While some experts are against it because they believe it won’t be natural then.

However, if you start this technique from today, we are quite sure you will gain some size anyway.

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