Size Does Not Matter – How True This Myth Is

The size of penis is something that makes many men feels insecure about. Interestingly, women also deny the saying that size matters and believe that what penis does is ‘something’ that greatly matters! According to studies, a woman does not have sensitivity for a penis more than 4 inches long. However, how true is the finding and the belief, is something not many would agree to!

Size does matters! In fact it is something that counts the most when it comes to sexual satisfaction of both the partners. No doubt, men with larger penis are more appealing and impressive for women! If not, then why don’t male porn stars have small sized penile? What is the concept of hiring male strippers? So if size does matters, then why do females deny the fact being unimportant when it comes to sex? Well, the reasons may be many. May be she does not want to make you feel upset about it!

No doubt, women love to have sex with men with an average size penile, moreover, many love to sleep with the ones whose penile size measures more than the average size. No doubt, men with larger penises are confident and supposed to good lovers! Besides, endowed men are greatly preferred by females!

Luckily, you can lot more to increase and add inches to your penile size naturally. Yeah, that’s right! You can actually make a difference through a very simple technique, called traction. So, what is traction?


It is a technique that can help you stretch your penile in a very natural way. All it requires you to hold your penile in a stretched position. The traction technique enables the cells present in your penile to multiply. This ultimately leads to gains that occur naturally and thus last.

Traction technique is one of the most workable and safest approaches one can follow for gains. Interestingly, you can also use a penile extender for this very purpose! That is for the traction. A penile extender can be used till the penile stretches to the point you aim it to.


Penis extenders are the modern tools men consider to increase their penile size. Saying this would not be wrong that using the penis extender is amongst the safest, cheapest and reliable mean to add inches to your penile size.

When it comes to increase in the size of penis, you may come across various treatment options. One is male enhancement surgery! First of all, male enhancement surgery is not an affordable option for every man seeking it!

Secondly, is not always effective! And third and the most disturbing factor about this penis enlargement option is that it is of great risk! Yes, studies suggest that penis enlargement option can lead to some very serious and intense side effects that are often faced by the users lifelong! Permanent impotence is one of the complications it may end up with!

However, penis extender being a non-surgical option that is not just easy on pocket, but at the same time, very effective and yeah, free from health- related risks! Well, this fact is even backed by scientific studies!

So, is every penis extender effective? Well, the answer is no! Not every penis stretcher works as effectively as some known brands do. One such brand is SizeGenetics! Well to know what this penis stretcher offers, keep reading the article!


The benefits of using Sizegenetics are not limited to few. It has also proven to work for men with concerns like erectile dysfunction. A medical condition characterized by short lasting and soft erections.

Well, this clearly means that Sizegenetics can also help you with longer and hard-rock erections.It consists of a 16 way ultimate comfort system which actually makes this penile extender comfortable enough to wear it for a prolonged period of time. (Penis stretchers are proven to deliver fast and lasting gains when used for longer durations).

  • Sizegenetics is a penis stretcher that utilizes traction technique to increase the size, as well as the girth of your penile.
  • SizeGenetics is a medically proven device which is endorsed by a team of professional doctors.
  • It is one of the most safest, reliable and effective option for all those willing to have serious gains in the girth and size of their penile.
  • It is approved to be a medical type 1 device.
  • And last, but definitely not the least, this multi-purpose penis extender can also help you with the curvature, led by peyronie’s disease!

So, what else is needed! Discounts ? Here it Comes SizeGenetics Coupons! Choose SizeGenetics, not just for safer and lasting gains in your penis size, but also for hard-rock and erections that last till you reach the point of maximum satisfaction!


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