#1 Bathmate Review: The Shocking Truth About Hydromax Penis Pump!

Some of us may want a bigger dick because that’s what makes you look hunky when you get an erection.

Normally, guys with the bigger sized penis are also better at sex because there is no limit how far you can to females.

Women demand the deep penetration that only comes from men with bigger danglings and that’s not possible unless you do some physical exercise.

Bodybuilding for penis?

Sounds interesting, when we first heard about the penis pumps we thought exactly the same and why wouldn’t we as we have dealt with almost every treatment for penis enlargement.

From penis enlargement pills to the penile enlargement surgeries, we have seen different options to enlarge the penis but what captivated us about the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is the absence of any side effects.

Not just that, but it is the safest way to enlarge your penis, according to FDA experts.

What Is Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate is the real name of the game, it’s a maker of a special kind of penis pumps that are hydro/water based.

Hydromax is dealing with the penis pumps since 2006 and they claim to provide one of the best systems for penis enhancement.

Their customer success rate is currently 95% around the World.

Bathmate penis pumps like Hercules was so much into the mainstream as men with micro-penis got the immediate results from it, using only 15 minutes per day can immensely affect the size and performance of your penis.

Hydromax is their latest version which is water friendly and has more stretch capability.

Like the muscles of the body gets maximum stamina after a prolonged workout session, just like that, your penis muscles will be filled with a large number of blood cells that gives you maximum endurance and stamina.

This can result in an ultimate sexual win!

How Bathmate Hydromax Works

Bathmate Hydromax Hydro pump works by the science of the mechanism of the male penis, inside the penis, there are smaller chambers that are filled with blood when you get aroused.

Hydromax pump

The intensity of the blood supply depends on the size of your penis, what Bathmate Hydromax pump does is to make these chambers enlarged so more blood can fit inside.

When the penis chambers attain maximum volume, its physical size will be significantly increased.

The length, girth, and performance of your penis will be greatly improved.

Bathmate Hydromax Hydro Pumps requires not so long time commitment. Use it for 6 months and you can successfully gain 1.5 inches with 100% guarantee.

Traction method is the common process that goes along by applying vacuum pressure on your penis.

Continuous pressure application results in the enhancement of penile chambers, just like the gym where you increase the size of your arms by working out its muscle perpetually.

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Bathmate Hydromax Provides 2 Types of Results

There are 2 types of gains with Hydromax Hydro Pumps which users should know about.

1) Immediate Results

These are the temporary ones when you use the hydro pump for 15 minutes, after which you will notice the increased length and penile girth.

This is the result after expanding the muscles vigorously that usually disappears within 20 hours.

This is why it is recommended to perform a Bathmate Hydromax session 30 minutes before sex.

Not you, but your partner will tell the difference every time you get hard.

2) Delayed Results

Now, these gains are permanent gains we are talking about.

These are achieved after using a Hydromax water pump for about more than 5 months.

By this time, your penile muscles will be totally flexible and naturally enhanced in size.

You will achieve a plus size width (girth) with more energy and sexual vigor.

Workout with Bathmate continuously can yield those permanent results.

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Benefits of Using Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

There is no age limit with the use of Bathmate Hydromax as it can affect men of every age.

Here are some benefits of using the Bathmate Hydromax Hydro pump.

  • Increased Penis Length

Bathmate Hydromax is mainly used for penis enhancement which apparently increases the length up to 2-3 inches in approximately 10 months of use.

  • Increased Penis Girth

The girth of the penis by using Bathmate Hydromax is improved 30%, according to the user’s experience. The thickness of your penis determines the satisfactory level.

  • Bigger, Stronger & Controllable Erections

The size of your penis while erection will be supremely enhanced, at least your partner will not recognize it at a very first glance. Better control over erection gives you the power to stay longer in bed.

  • Treats Various Sexual Problems

Bathmate Hydromax is currently prescribed by the doctors to those who have erectile dysfunction. The sign of impotence in men is usually seen when he is unable to get an erection. Optimizing your sexual health is another benefit of using the Bathmate Hydromax Hydro Pump.

  • It Is Completely Safe

Bathmate Hydromax is made from the medical grade material which in every case is considered safe. The soft pellets and sponge inside really makes it comfortable cause of which some men prefer to stay longer than 15 minutes.

  • Only 15 Minutes Per Session

To ensure the best results, if you use Bathmate Hydromax for only 15 minutes that should be perfect. Upon continuous and non-stop daily 15 minutes stretching with Hydromax can increase your length in no time.

  • 100% Sexual Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you have been missing to satisfy your partner like the old days, then you are about to buy the best type of product. The immediate results can fill your penis with unlimited stamina that you can use on a daily basis.

How to Use Bathmate Hydromax?

The video below will provide visual instructions about how to use Bathmate Hydromax in a perfect way.

Learn how to use Hydromax penis pump to gain maximum penis length, girth, and performance.

Is Bathmate Hydromax Money Back Guarantee Real

It is clearly stated that the manufacturer of Hydromax penis pump is so confident about the product that they are providing 60-days Great than 100% money back guarantee.

There haven’t been any queries for returns as they claim and many users said the same thing about not using that option.

You have 60-days to decide whether Bathmate Hydromax Hydro Pump works or not if you are not satisfied with the results you will get your full money refund with no questions asked.

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Customer Reviews about Bathmate Hydromax Pump

On the official site of Bathmate Hydromax, there are a number of positive reviews by the customers.

However, we decided to take a look at other sources to see if the users there are really happy.

Here is what we found

Bathmate is the best kind of penis enlarger that accurately does what it says. It has made a huge difference in my sexual life by which I can now stay confident and proud.

Nevertheless, you got to understand some facts about Bathmate, first of all, you are going to use it for a long time, longer than you think.

The game requires persistence and patience and within some months you are going to love what I said!

Frank, 36 – USA

Exercise for the male penis? For the first time, I agreed with science onto something. Using hydro pump for 6 months increased my penis size by 2 inches (when erect) with a marked difference in the girth.

I cannot tell you how strong my performance is now in bed, meanwhile, I had the severe allergic reactions to penis enlargement pills I decided to shut that down immediately.

Bathmate Hydromax is the great alternatives to pills and surgery, you call doctors for.

Jim Lewis, 29 – UK

Great product, great packaging, fast services and of course remarkable results.

If you are spending on something for fun, make sure it gives you some advantage anyhow.

Jade, 40 – Canada

Where to Buy Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

The very official website of Bathmate Hydromax is legal and easy to access source to purchase Bathmate hydro pumps.

Hydromax is the updated version of Hydromax series from Bathmate which has now 35% more power than the Hydromax series.

You can visit the official website by clicking here.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict about Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is going to be with it. Bathmate is a new generation penis pump device that has won “Male Enhancement Product Winning Awards” for more than 8 years.

In the category of penis enlargement, you cannot rely on the pills and oils that miraculously increases its size.

For adults and those who believe in science, such remedies do not work for penis enhancement.

The mechanism of Bathmate is similar to the exercise for the whole body, you just have to give it a little time.

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About 1-3.5 inches’ increment in the size with 3 inches’ overall girth enhancement is something you don’t get from other penis enlargement systems.


Q1: Does Bathmate Hydromax really work?

A: There are countless cases who used the Bathmate penis enlargement system and got positive results. And from a scientific point, yes it works!

Q2: Which method does the Bathmate Hydromax system follow?

A: Traction method is the original name of the mechanism you are looking for, usually the penis pump generates vacuum force with the help of air. Bathmate Hydromax does the same function with water that is much safer and effective.

Q3: Are the results permanent?

A: For permanent results, you must use Bathmate Hydromax for at least 6 weeks.

Q4: Can I use Bathmate Hydromax under water?

A: Of course, this is why they named it Hydromax! This penis pump can be used under the shower and anywhere else you are comfortable.

Q5: How bigger will my penis get by using Bathmate Hydromax?

A: Cumulatively, you are to get 2-3 additional inches in length and 1 inch in the girth after using Hydromax for 3 months only.

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